Israel’s FM Lieberman plans to ignore Swedish counterpart’s visit

After Sweden purposely hid its intention to recognize a Palestinian state, Israel’s Foreign Minister is reportedly frustrated with Sweden’s decision to not even hearing the Israeli side.
• Lieberman also accuses PA leader Abbas of conveying Hamas-like positions only in Arabic interviews.

Another Hamas terrorist killed in suspected ‘work accident’ in Gaza

BREAKING NEWS – Another Hamas militant kills himself


Palestinian sources reported that a member of Hamas’ military wing was killed and four others were injured in an explosion in the Gaza Strip on Thursday.

Gaza terrorists train with explosives (file)

Gaza terrorists train with explosives (file) – Flash 90

Israel Radio reported that the explosion was likely due to a ‘work accident’ during the creation of explosives.







Prior to last summer’s IDF operation in Gaza, More Gazans Blew Themselves Up Accidentally … Than were Killed by Israel’s army. Continue Reading »

2,000 yr-old Herodian Palace Entryway Unearthed in Judea

A multi-arched entry to a Herodian Hilltop Palace was excavated revealing how the palace was later transformed into Herod’s memorial; also additional evidence of the Jewish revolts were found on the site.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Hebrew University of Jerusalem archaeologists have discovered a massive and elaborate entryway to the Herodian Hilltop Palace at Herodium National Park in Judea, south of Jerusalem.

Herodian Hilltop Palace entry – Photo: The Herodium Expedition at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The newly discovered entryway is remarkable in that it features a complex system of arches on three separate levels, allowing the King and his entourage to directly enter the Palace Courtyard.

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Lieberman dismisses Jordan’s motion on Palestinian draft to UN as another ‘gimmick’



Israel’s FM Avigdor Lieberman: “It would be better if the Security Council dealt with matters truly important to the citizens of the world, such as the murderous attacks this week in Australia & Pakistan, or discuss events in Syria & Libya, and not waste time on the Palestinian’s gimmicks.”

By Reuters


Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Thursday described as a gimmick a Palestinian-proposed UN Security Council draft resolution that calls for a peace deal within a year and an end to Israeli presence in territories Palestinians want for their future state by the end of 2017.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman – Photo: Gil Yohanan

“Certainly this will not hasten an agreement because without Israel’s consent, nothing will change,” Lieberman said in a statement. Continue Reading »

Geneva Conference urges Israel to respect human rights in ‘Palestinian territories’

Conference snubbed by the United States, Israel, Australia, and Canada over blatant anti-Israel bias.

By i24news


Over 120 states participating in the Geneva Convention conference on Wednesday called Israel to respect human rights in the Palestinian territories including the Gaza Strip, West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Palace of Nations in Geneva - Photo: EugeneRegis, Creative Commons

Palace of Nations in Geneva – Photo: EugeneRegis, Creative Commons

A conference on respect for international human rights in the Palestinian territories was shunned by Israel and the United States, as well as Canada and Australia.

Switzerland gathered diplomats from 126 of the 196 signatories of the Geneva Conventions to discuss protections for civilians, fulfilling a five-year-old request for such a conference from the UN General Assembly. Continue Reading »

Ramallah Survey: 66% of Palestinians Fear Their Own Leaders



Will a future State of Palestine really be democratic & free? Not according to two-thirds of Palestinian Arabs (especially the Christian Palestinians), who say they fear their own rulers.

By  Aviel Schneider


Two-thirds of the Palestinian population in Judea and Samaria are afraid to criticize Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, according to a survey conducted by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research in Ramallah.

Palestinian forces arriving at Jenin (file) – Photo: AP

The results of the poll come in the wake of Abbas arresting the leader of the strongest union in the Palestinian-controlled territories.

If two-thirds of Palestinians fear Abbas, how much more does the radical Hamas instill terror in the hearts of the residents of Gaza?

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Hezbollah reports Nasrallah’s personal security chief was Mossad operative

Hezbollah admits the double agent working for Israel caused “immeasurable” damage to the Shiite terror organization, forcing a significant overhaul, with many high-ranking operatives removed from their posts or reassigned to less sensitive units.

By Israel Hayom Staff


Following reports Tuesday that Hezbollah recently exposed a double agent who was working for Israel, the Kuwaiti newspaper Al Rai reported that the double agent was a high-ranking Hezbollah operative who had been in charge of Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah’s personal security and who was later promoted to the group’s elite and clandestine “910” external security organization.

#BDSFail: Multi-national leaders report no impact from BDS

American Jew Alan Gross Released From 5 Years Imprisonment as US & Cuba Make Peace


After 5 years in a Cuban jail, released US Jew says “It’s the best Hanukkah I’ll be celebrating in a long time,” following being set free as part of historic deal between US & Cuba.

By Associated Press



American Alan Gross emerged Wednesday from five years of captivity in Cuba praising the Cuban people and offering a lesson he said he learned: Freedom is not free.

Alan Gorss – Photo: AFP

“It’s good to be home,” Gross said at a news conference in Washington D.C. “It’s the best Hanukkah I’ll be celebrating in a long time,” he said with reports claiming he even enjoyed latkes and applesauce on the flight home. Continue Reading »

ZOA Chief: EU’s Removal of Hamas as Terror Organization Legitimizes ‘Arab Nazism’


Europe apparently forgot the lessons of the Holocaust.  ZOA President Morton Klein explains in special interview with Arutz Sheva why EU striking Hamas from blacklist means ‘Europe doesn’t care about killing Jews.’

By Tova Dvorin


The European Union’s (EU) removal of Hamas from its terror blacklist sets a precedent for allowing anti-Semitism in Europe to run rampant, Morton Klein, National President of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), stated Wednesday.

ZOA head Morton Klein

ZOA head Morton Klein – Arutz Sheva

“This both encourages and legitimizes Islamic terrorism and Islamic murder against Jews and others, and it sends a message to Islamic killers that Europe doesn’t care about what they do to Jews,” Klein stated in a special interview with Arutz Sheva.

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Second Israel-Based Marijuana Pharmaceutical Firm Headed to Wall Street

OWC a marijuana pharmaceutical company is now in negotiations with a number of leading Israeli hospitals for pre-clinical trials to treat PTSD, fibromyalgia, and seizures.

By i24news



The Israel-based One World Cannabis (OWC) company will be traded over the counter on Wall Street, joining other traded Israeli companies involved in the marijuana industry, Israeli media reported Wednesday.

One World Cannabis, which was founded only this year, is involved in research and development for marijuana-based treatments for a variety of medical conditions.

The company recently raised some $2 million from private investors in Israel, the United States and Singapore, and will hold another fundraising round soon.

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Hamas Neglects Gazans’ Needs By Focusing On Preparation For Next War With Israel

Rather than invest the millions from international aid for reconstruction, Hamas is only focused on replenishing its missiles stockpile & digging new tunnels for its next war against Israel.

By Aviel Schneider


In Gaza, there is no serious reconstruction and certainly no disarmament. Instead, the Hamas-ruled enclave is gearing up for its next war against Israel.

Hamas rallies support in Gaza with military parade – Photo source: Israel Today

Three months after Operation Protective Edge, nothing has changed in Gaza. The Palestinian media has been full of reports about how the people in Gaza continue to suffer and how Hamas does nothing to help, preferring instead to invest its time and money in new rockets and terror tunnels. Continue Reading »

Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital discovery may help detect colon & uterine cancers early


A senior oncologist at Hadassah Hospital says the study finds it is possible to identify a genetic mutation that raises the chances of suffering from colon or uterine cancers, allowing the prevention and/or early treatment of the cancers.

1000 released IDF soldiers celebrate Hanukkah by visiting homes of Holocaust survivors

1000 students from Friends of IDF scholarship fund, visit 500 homes of Holocaust survivors, to celebrate the lighting of the 1st candle of Hanukkah.

By Omri Efraim


More than a thousand released IDF soldiers visited the homes of about 500 Holocaust Survivors in Israel to celebrate the first night of Hanukkah with them as part of a broader initiative by the Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims and the Impact scholarship program funded by the Friends of the IDF organization.

Released IDF soldiers light first candle of Hanukkah at the Gil Oz retirement home in Petah Tikva. (Photo: Yaron Brenner)

Released IDF soldiers light first candle of Hanukkah at the Gil Oz retirement home in Petah Tikva. – Photo: Yaron Brenner

About a dozen released IDF soldiers arrived at the Gil Oz retirement home in Petah Tikva to light the first candle with holocaust survivors. Continue Reading »

Israel Police in Tel Aviv reach out to new immigrants to volunteer

Israel Police seeks to build on the fact that many of the new immigrants were too old to serve in the IDF, yet, are looking to give back to the community.



“Zionism doesn’t end at Ben-Gurion Airport, that’s where it begins”, says Jay M. Shultz of the Internationals Tel Aviv salon, addressing a group of mostly English-speaking immigrants on the 12th floor of the Tel Aviv municipality Monday night.


Israeli Police. – Photo courtesy: Israel Police

It’s a rather muted pep talk, but there’s a decent turnout to hear it – 30 or so mostly Anglo immigrants who have heeded the call to sign up as volunteer officers with the Tel Aviv police’s Yarkon subdistrict civil guard, which covers the city’s northern end. Continue Reading »