Sisi’s Response to Massive Sinai Terrorist Attack: Egypt to establish buffer zone on Gaza border


Sitting alongside his top generals in a televised speech to the nation, Egypt’s President Sisi, directed blame at “foreign powers who are trying to break Egypt’s back.” 


Egypt’s ruler, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, denounced “foreign hands” whom he believes were behind the deadly car bombs that killed scores of security personnel in northeast Sinai on Friday.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi gives a speech outside the Supreme Council in Cairo. – Photo:REUTERS

The president, whose regime has been battling jihadist elements since the military ousted the Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Morsi last year, declared a three-day mourning period throughout the country on Saturday. Continue Reading »

Hamas Official Proclaims ‘Silent Intifada’ in Jerusalem


Hamas official Mahmoud Zahar condemns PA forces that ‘suppress intifada against Israel,’ calling for more Jerusalem violence as ‘the solution to Israeli aggression.’

By Tova Dvorin


Hamas official Mahmoud Zahar, declared the constant cycle of violence in Jerusalem an “intifada” on Saturday night, making rumors of a so-called “silent intifada” official despite declarations from the Israeli security establishment that statements to that effect are exaggerated.

Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar – Flash 90

“Escalating the resistance in the city is the solution to Israeli aggression,” Zahar told Hamas news agency Al-Risala.

Zahar also slammed the Hamas-Palestinian Authority (PA) “unity government”‘s security coordination with Israel. Continue Reading »

Apartheid? A lesson on the facts of Jerusalem’s Light Rail

Op-ed: David Ha’ivri educates UK parliamentarians who echo the propagandists claim that Israel’s capital promotes apartheid

By David Ha’ivri


During my recent visit to the British Parliament, I heard concern from a number of members that Jerusalem’s new light rail system was built as a “tool of Israel‘s apartheid.” This type of claim can leave one baffled – where do you start explaining, when an intelligent elected official hits you with a claim that is so totally off base? Aside from the issue of priorities, since people are being killed by Assad daily in Syria, it is so hypocritical for world leaders to ignore that massacre and waste their time and effort in seeking out something to pin on Israel. Continue Reading »

With Palestinian encouragement Kuwait augments secondary boycott of Israel

Kuwait is planning to terminate relations with 50 companies involved anywhere past the Green Line in Israel, including Jerusalem.



Kuwait’s Commerce Ministry is on the verge of ending its relations with 50 European companies because of their dealings in the “occupied territories” taken in the 1967 Six Day War, sources told an Arab newspaper.


Kuwait’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Malki sign a memorandum of understanding as PA President Abbas stands behind them in Ramallah September 14. – Photo: REUTERS

The ministry is also looking into information that the British security firm G4S plc, which works in the “occupied Palestinian territories,” is active in Kuwait, the Jerusalem- based Al-Quds on Tuesday quoted the sources as saying. Continue Reading »

India prefers Israel’s anti-tank missile over the U.S. made Javelin

New Delhi has committed to purchase at least 8,000 of Israel’s Spike missiles along with more than 300 launchers in a deal with Rafael Advanced Defense Systems worth $525 million.

By Reuters



NEW DELHI – India has opted to buy Israel’s Spike anti-tank guided missile, a defense ministry source said on Saturday, rejecting a rival US offer of Javelin missiles that Washington had lobbied hard to win.

Prime Minister Netanyahu meets with new Indian premier Modi (Photo: GPO)

Prime Minister Netanyahu meets with new Indian premier Modi – Photo Courtesy: GPO

India will buy at least 8,000 Spike missiles and more than 300 launchers in a deal worth 32 billion rupees ($525 million), the source said after a meeting of India’s Defense Acquisition Council. Continue Reading »

Unlike El Al, Hareidi Men Disembarked Delta Flight After Refusing to Sit Next to Women

Earlier this week, a group of Jewish Ultra-Orthodox men who refused to sit next to women opted to disembarked from a Delta flight, when the surrounding passengers refused to acquiesce and change seats.

By Haim Lev, Cynthia Blank


A group of hareidi men who were supposed to fly to Israel from the United States on Delta Airlines flight Tuesday night refused to sit next to women, who in turn refused to switch seats, causing them to disembark from the plane.

Delta Air Lines Boeing 777-200LR - Photo Courtesy:  Adrian Pingstone/Wikipedia

Delta Air Lines Boeing 777-200LR – Photo Courtesy: Adrian Pingstone/Wikipedia

Flight 468 was set to depart from Kennedy Airport in New York. Continue Reading »

IDF Shot Palestinian Teen Dead While Throwing His Last Firebomb


IDF troops shoot dead a Palestinian Arab teenager who was caught trying to firebomb Israeli vehicles by throwing a Molotov-cocktail as they drove by.

By Ben Ariel, Canada


Israeli troops shot dead a Palestinian Arab teenager Friday during clashes with rock-throwing protesters near Ramallah, Palestinian medical officials and security sources told AFP.

Arab terrorist throws firebomb

Arab terrorist throws firebomb – Reuters

They named the dead youth as Orwa Hammad, 17, and said he was shot in the village of Silwad.

The IDF said that troops opened fire towards the teenager upon identifying that he was preparing to throw firebombs towards a local road. Continue Reading »

Islamic terror attack kills dozens of Egyptian troops in Sinai


At least 25 Egyptian soldiers were killed with dozens more wounded by a car bomb that targeted a Sinai security checkpoint near Gaza border.


Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi convened an emergency meeting of his senior defense advisers on Friday just hours after a deadly terrorist attack claimed the lives of at least 25 soldiers in the Sinai Peninsula.

Abdel Fattah al-Sisi

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi inspects the guard of honor upon arriving at Khartoum International Airport in Khartoum. -Photo: REUTERS

At least 25 soldiers were killed by a car bomb that targeted two armored vehicles stopped at a checkpoint, security sources and Egyptian media reports indicated. Continue Reading »

PayBack: White House rejected Ya’alon request to meet ranking gov’t officials

Tit for tat: Obama administration declined Ya’alon request for meetings with top figures, an act of political punishment for Israel’s defense minister calling John Kerry ‘obsessive & messianic’.

By Yitzhak Benhorin



WASHINGTON – The US administration prevented Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon from meeting with key officials during his visit to Washington, DC, American sources told Ynet on Friday.

Ya'alon and Power (Photo: Defense Ministry)

Ya’alon and Power – Photo: Defense Ministry

The defense ministry did not comment, though sources close to Ya’alon said “the aim was to meet with the security echelon, and that was what happened.”

Ya’alon arrived on Tuesday to meet his counterpart, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, and American intelligence officials. Continue Reading »

Disregarding regulations & protocol, Women of the Wall sneak miniature Torah into the Kotel

The religious feminist organization says this is 1st time in 25 years women have read from the Torah at the holy Jewish site.

Western Wall Rabbi condemns the group’s ‘deception.’


Defying regulations by Western Wall rabbinic authorities, members of Women of the Wall smuggled a tiny Torah scroll into the women’s section of the Kotel Friday morning, in what the feminist prayer group said was the first reading from the Torah by women at the holy site in 25 years.

Bat mitzvah girl Sasha Lutt reads from the Torah scroll smuggled into the Kotel.

Bat mitzvah girl Sasha Lutt reads from the tiny Torah scroll smuggled into the Western Wall, Fri.

Continue Reading »

Second Disaster in Nepal as 2 Israeli Women Killed in Bus Crash

Heavily overcrowded bus falls from cliff in second tragedy in the Himalayas this month, killing 11 – including 2 Israeli women.

By Tova Dvorin


A bus traveling from Kathmandu to Langtang has fallen off a cliff and into a ravine in the Himalayas, Nepalese sources told Arutz Sheva on Friday morning.

Nepal bus crash (file)

Nepal bus crash (file) – Reuters

The bus fell 150 meters (492 ft.) after coming off a narrow road in Belkot, Nuwakot district, about 75 kilometers (46 miles) northwest of Kathmandu, according to Kantipur Television.

Eleven people are reported to have been killed in the crash; 52 have been injured. Continue Reading »

Aliya makes historic shift as it went from ‘rescue’ to smart ‘choice’


During the last Jewish year of 5774, aliya from around the world increased by more than 30%, reaching around 25,000 immigrants.

By Natan Sharansky


The Zionist project of ingathering the exiles is undergoing a historic shift: We are moving from an aliya of rescue to an aliya of free choice.

french aliya

FRENCH JEWISH children at the historic Synagogue des Tournelles in Parisin July ahead of their aliya with their families. – Photo:EREZ LICHTFELD

During the most recent Jewish year, 5774, aliya from around the world increased by more than 30 percent, reaching some 25,000 immigrants.

Behind this huge increase are two highly symbolic developments. Continue Reading »

Nigerian president returns to Jerusalem for ‘Good Luck’

President Goodluck Jonathan seeks blessing from God prior to his upcoming elections.
Israel seeks to win his support by blocking Palestinian effort at the UN Security Council.

By Itamar Eichner



A year after his last visit, Nigeria’s president is returning to Israel after reaching a historic deal with the militant Islamist movement Boko Haram, in which 219 Christian girls who were abducted 6 months ago are expected to be released.

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 2013. (Photo: Atta Awisat)

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 2013. – Photo: Atta Awisat

Israel considers the Nigerian president’s visit of great importance, as Nigeria is a current member of the UN Security Council. Continue Reading »

After French court ruling, Twitter clamps down on hate-speech & anti-Semitism

After the French court ruled Twitter must remove certain hate-speech & anti-Semitic content, social media companies, like YouTube & Facebook have implemented stricter rules against hate speech.



A little over a year after a French court forced Twitter to remove some anti-Semitic content, experts say the ruling has had a ripple effect, leading other Internet companies to act more aggressively against hate speech in an effort to avoid lawsuits.


The 2013 ruling by the Paris Court of Appeals settled a lawsuit brought the year before by the Union of Jewish Students of France over the hashtag #UnBonJuif, which means “a good Jew” and which was used to index thousands of anti-Semitic comments that violated France’s law against hate speech.

Continue Reading »

Japan Digs into Israel’s Market With Its Best Kosher Food & Drink

Japanese & Israeli trade officials and businessmen all agree: Japan has found a market in Israel, and the sake has just started flowing.

By Ari Yashar



As America and Europe become ever more critical in foisting political agendas on their relations with Israel, the Jewish state is turning its eyes to the east – where it has found a natural ally in Japan, holder of the world’s third-largest GDP.

Bringing Japanese food to the heart of Jerusalem

Bringing Japanese food to the heart of Jerusalem – Different View

That alliance is advancing rapidly under the guidance of the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), a government-related group whose representatives at the Japanese Culture Week in Jerusalem told Arutz Sheva  on Monday night they are witnessing something of a renaissance in Japanese-Israeli trade. Continue Reading »