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WATCH: Palestinian TV accuses Jews of using sex mania to destroy spirit of Arabs


EXPOSED??? According to a Palestinian Authority broadcast, Israel has become a global threat to Arabs and Muslims in their use of sex as a weapon to destroy their spirit, while the CIA is controlling global moods through hallucinogens.



According to Palestinian Authority TV host Imad Hamato, Israel is waging war against the Muslim world via “sex mania.”

In a broadcast translated by the Palestinian Media Watch, Hamato, who was appointed by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas as dean of Gaza’s Al-Azhar institutes in October 2016, can be seen denouncing Israel’s threats to Muslim modesty protocols.

“Our conflict today between us and Israel is the conflict between spirit and body,” Hamato says with a green screen of Temple Mount behind him.
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Moment of Clarity: UNESCO Chief Says ‘Jerusalem Ancient Capital of Israel’


In a bizarre contradiction to last year’s infamous UNESCO resolution stripping Jewish rights to Jerusalem, Irina Bokova, the director-general of very same UN organization publicly acknowledged, “Jerusalem is the capital of King David, where Solomon built the Temple.”

By Israel Today Staff


UNESCO, the director-general of UNESCO, which last year passed a motion denying the Jewish connection to Jerusalem, shocked many last week when she publicly affirmed the Jews’ historic connection to the Holy City.

UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova – Photo: Wikimedia/UNESCO/Michel Ravassard/Ian Denison

“In the Torah, Jerusalem is the capital of King David, where Solomon built the Temple and placed the Ark of the Covenant,” Bokova reminded the European Parliament in a session on Thursday. Continue Reading »

Palestinians hurl slurs at UN Chief for acknowledging Jewish ties to Temple Mount


Speaking to Israel Radio on Friday, the new U.N. leader, Antonio Guterres acknowledged that “the Temple the Romans destroyed in Jerusalem was a Jewish temple,” and went on to say that he has no intention of forcing a peace process on Israel and the Palestinians.



Palestinian officials criticized United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Sunday for saying that a Jewish temple existed atop the Temple Mount.

Entry to the Dome of the Rock, on the Temple Mount – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

“[Gueterres] ignored UNESCO’s decision that considered the Al-Aksa Mosque of pure Islamic heritage,” Adnan al-Husseini, Palestinian Authority Jerusalem Affairs minister told Xinhua, a Chinese news outlet, clarifying that the UN secretary-general “violated all legal, diplomatic and humanitarian customs and overstepped his role as secretary general…and must issue an apology to the Palestinian people.”
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Esteemed Israeli archeologist admonished on Temple Mount by Jordanian Wakf


Abruptly interrupting Dr. Gabriel Barkay as he lectured US college students, a Palestinian guard warned him to stop referring to the holy site as “Temple Mount”.



One of the nation’s most vaunted archeologists said he was rebuked by a Wakf Muslim religious trust guard and police officer over the weekend for referring to Judaism’s holiest site as the “Temple Mount” during a tour on the compound with US college students.

Jerusalem Prize winner and Temple Mount Sifting Project co-founder, Dr. Gabriel Barkay, on Tuesday said he was guiding an interfaith group of 22 undergraduates from UCLA Sunday morning when he was interrupted by an Arab guard for making the seemingly innocuous reference. Continue Reading »

After Jerusalem, Western Wall, Temple Mount, Palestinians now turn to UNESCO to get Rachel’s Tomb


view videoThe Palestinians are trying to threaten Israel’s hold on Rachel’s Tomb by throwing pipe bombs & stones, as well as by fabricating a new history for the site by interjecting the identity of Bilal Ibn Rabah. And again, just as was done with Jerusalem, UNESCO is on their team solidifying their falsehoods into a reality.

By Nadav Shragai


As the argument over the muezzin bill in Israel heats up, security forces in the Bethlehem region and the outskirts of the Gilo neighborhood in Jerusalem seem bothered by one muezzin in particular: Bilal Ibn Rabah, an Ethiopian-Abyssinian who is recognized in Islamic tradition as a slave who served in the home of the Prophet Muhammad as the first muezzin to ever beckon believers for prayer five times a day. Continue Reading »

Oberlin College sacks professor after posting anti-Semitic remarks


Although Karega’s blatantly anti-Semitic social media posts included one accusing Israel and “Rothschild-led bankers” of owning “Your news. The media. Your oil. And your government,” and another suggesting that Israel was behind the attack on the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris, and responsibility for downing a Malaysian airliner over Ukraine in 2014, Karega appeared to blame the college governors & administration of persecuting her because she is black.



An Oberlin College assistant professor whose anti-Semitic social media posts outraged many alumni and faculty earlier this year has been dismissed.

The Ohio college’s board of trustees announced Tuesday that it had voted to dismiss Joy Karega “for failing to meet the academic standards that Oberlin requires of its faculty and failing to demonstrate intellectual honesty.” Continue Reading »

UNESCO Passes Resolution: Temple Mount and Western Wall exclusively Muslim


Only 6, the US, UK, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Germany & Estonia, of the 58 members of UNESCO, voted against the anti-Jewish, anti-Christian resolution.



In a 24-6 vote, UNESCO on Thursday gave its preliminary approval to a resolution that ignores Jewish ties to its most holy religious sites: the Temple Mount and the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Temple Mount - Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

Temple Mount – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

Another 26 nations abstained and two were absent all together.

Those countries who voted in support of Israel were: the United States, Great Britain, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Germany and Estonia.


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EU follows UNESCO lead to disregard Jewish connection with Temple Mount


In response to the Palestinian-Jordanian draft decision an Israeli official said the Europeans’ proposal also denies any Jewish connection to the Temple Mount, despite France’s apology & admission of error in supporting last April’s UNESCO proposal that did the same.

By Itamar Eichner


The Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem is fuming over a draft decision distributed on Thursday by representatives of the European Union at meetings of UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee in Istanbul on the subject of the Israeli capital’s Old City that completely ignores the Jewish connection to the site.

Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount. – Photo: AFP

The proposal is an alternative to the Jordanian-Palestinian one announced earlier this week.
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PMW Report: How Abbas’ PA creates & propagates anti-Semitic propaganda


view videoPalestinian Media Watch exposes how Mahmoud Abbas and his Palestinian Authority operates a Goebbels-style propaganda machine that creates, inflates, and broadcasts locally and internationally, outrageous anti-Jewish canards.

By Itamar Marcus


(The following is a redaction of a report by Itamar Marcus. The report in its original form can be found here.)

The Palestinian Authority has revived the medieval blood libel that Jews are poisoning the wells of non-Jews. The PA even named a nonexistent rabbi and rabbinical council as being responsible for this call to poison all Palestinian water sources.

While Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas publicized this canard during his recent speech at the European Union parliament last week, the notion that Jews are poisoning Arab water supplies has become a prominent feature in local PA media outlets. Continue Reading »

What’s Behind Britain’s Hard Left Turn & Where Its Going


Today’s Europe has frightening comparisons with Hitler’s rise to power, as once again, Judeo-Christian foundations are crumbling all about us.

By Charles Gardner


We’ve been here before. History is repeating itself and I’m again experiencing that sense of déjà vu that prompted me (just ten days ago) to write about the anti-Semitism row within the British Labour Party in the context of Theodor Herzl’s Zionist campaign, which itself was prompted by anti-Jewish mania.

Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn

As I have contemplated the ongoing controversy, I am reminded with horror of how Hitler’s rise to power seemingly came out of nowhere. Continue Reading »

Lapid: UNESCO Temple Mount decision to erase Jewish connection will cause bloodshed


Israel’s former Finance Minister Yair Lapid wrote to UNESCO chairman Irina Bokova that the decision to ignore the Jewish people’s historic connection to the Western Wall & Temple Mount will lead to much more bloodshed.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Yesh Atid chairman and former Finance Minister Yair Lapid wrote a scathing letter to UNESCO over the weekend, stating to chairman Irina Bokova that a decision to divorce the Jewish people from the Western Wall and Temple Mount will lead to bloodshed.

Jews gather to pray at the Western Wall during Succot. – Photo by AFP

“This decision is a shameful attempt to rewrite history, rewrite reality as part of the ongoing political campaign against Israel and the Jewish people,” Lapid stated in the letter.  Continue Reading »

Palestinian envoy to UNHRC calls on Jews to ‘return to country of origin’


Palestinian envoy to the UNHRC Ibrahim Khreisheh suggested in an interview on Palestinian Authority TV, that Jews are not indigenous to the land of Israel, and the modern state is a product of colonization.



Palestinian Authority envoy to the United Nations Human Rights Council, Ibrahim Khreisheh, said that all Jews living in Israel “should all return to their country of origin,” according to The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

In an interview with Palestinian Authority TV earlier this month, Khreisheh posited that Jews are not indigenous to the land of Israel, and their presence today is a product of years-long colonization. Continue Reading »

Oberlin College Shields Professor Who Blames Israel For 9/11, Charlie Hebdo Attack & ISIS




In response to an article revealing that an Oberlin College professor made numerous postings about Jews and Israel to Facebook, the liberal arts college’s president said the college “respects the right of its faculty, students, staff and alumni to express their personal views.”

Screen Shot of Facebook account – The Tower

Marvin Krislov’s statement came after The Tower on Thursday published an article about Joy Karega, an assistant professor of rhetoric and composition at the elite Ohio institution. Continue Reading »

German court fines Danish imam for seeking murder of ‘Zionist Jews’ in videotaped sermon




A German criminal court has fined Danish imam Sheikh Abu Bilal Ismail for incitement to hatred after convicting him of calling at a Berlin mosque for the extermination of Jews during Israel’s Operation Protective Edge.

A SCENE from Berlin, with the Oberbaum Bridge in the foreground. – Photo: REUTERS

The Jerusalem Post obtained a copy of the 16-page court verdict on Tuesday.

It said that Ismail had been fined €1,300 for delivering a fiery anti-Western and anti-Jewish sermon in July 2014 in which he said it was necessary to “destroy the Zionist Jews…,” and to “count them and kill them to the very last one. Continue Reading »

Israel Police arrest al-Aqsa sheikh for incitement to kill Jews


view video clip belowWatch: Sheikh Khaled Al Mughrabi’s sermon at Al-Aqsa Mosque saying: Jews “prepare their matzah… with the blood of children” 

By i24news


Police in Jerusalem arrested a top sheikh on Wednesday on suspicion of inciting his worshippers to attack Jews.

Sheikh Khaled Al Mughrabi, who gives regular sermons twice a week at the Temple Mount and al-Aqsa mosque, was detained after videos emerged of him inciting racial hatred.

Recordings of the sheikh’s sermons were shared across Palestinian social media platforms. In one of the sermons, which was posted on the website “Palestinian Media Watch,” the sheikh is heard saying: “We will pursue the Jews everywhere. Continue Reading »