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#BDSfail: Events scheduled for both Frankfurt and Bonn, cancelled


The Jewish communities and Wiesenthal Center welcomed the decisions of cancelling the separate pro-Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions conferences that were set to take place in Frankfurt and also in Bonn.



After a wave of objections to a boycott-Israel event scheduled for next week in Bonn, Germany, the Jewish community there on Monday announced its delight with cancellation of the gathering and a widely criticized antisemitic talk that was to be given at it.

A separate pro-Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions conference set to take place in June in Frankfurt was also canceled.

“The Jewish community is pleased that the event was canceled,” a spokeswoman for the Bonn Jewish community told The Jerusalem Post. Continue Reading »

German police raid 60 authors of anti-Semitic internet postings

In a nationwide attempt to identify & arrest the sources of hateful, anti-Semitic postings on the internet, police in 14 German states conduct coordinated raids on 60 individuals.



BERLIN (JTA) — Police in 14 German states reportedly conducted raids on 60 individuals in an attempt to root out the sources of anti-Semitic and other hate postings on the internet.

Facebook – Photo: Thinkstock

According to German news reports, the raids followed months of observing one Facebook group that glorified National Socialism and broke German laws against promoting hate.


Suspects were accused of posting anti-Semitic, extremist and xenophobic messages, including denial of or relativizing the Holocaust, celebrating aspects of National Socialism and using Nazi symbolism, and calling for attacks on refugees and politicians. Continue Reading »

Germany: Iran still trying to acquire illicit materials for nuclear program


A year after Iran signed a deal with Obama’s administration promising to curtail its nuclear program, Germany’s domestic intel agency warns of Iran’s continued efforts to violate agreement and acquire forbidden materials.

By Polina Garaev


Iran is still making extensive attempts to acquire materials to further its nuclear program, a year after signing a deal promising its curtailment, Germany’s domestic intelligence agency warned last week.

A building housing the reactor at the Bushehr nuclear power plant in the Iranian port town of Bushehr – Photo: AFP

The German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) says it has detected extensive Iranian attempts to acquire illicit materials in Germany, “especially goods that can be used in the field of nuclear technology,” noted the agency in its recently released annual report. Continue Reading »

Munich mayor rejects Israel’s request to cancel tax-funded BDS lecture


Outlawed in France as anti-Semitic, and reported in the Spanish press as a violent organization’ after Matisyahu’s concert ban & then reinvitation, the BDS city-sponsored lecture will take place on the eve of the Nazis’ ‘Kristallnacht’, in Munich, of all places.



“We are in touch with the municipality of Munich in order to prevent this event from happening,” the head of Israel’s consulate, Dan Shaham, wrote to ‘The Jerusalem Post’ on Friday.

Demonstrators take part in a pro-Israel rally in Munich. – Photo: REUTERS

BERLIN – Munich Mayor Dieter Reiter on Friday refused a request from Israel’s top diplomat in the city to pull the plug on an allegedly anti-Semitic event advocating a boycott of the Jewish state in a municipal building. Continue Reading »

German Security Agency: Influx of Migrants Will Bring anti-Semitism




BERLIN – Germany’s security and intelligence agencies expressed alarm over the influx of refugees and migrants who harbor radical Islamic views and hatred of Jews, according to a Sunday report in Welt am Sonntag.

Syrian Refugees in Berlin. – Photo: URIEL HEILMAN/ JTA

According to a security document obtained by the paper and read by top-level agency personnel, “We are importing Islamic extremism, Arab anti-Semitism, national and ethnic conflicts of other peoples as well as a different societal and legal understanding.”

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Berlin warns Facebook: Clamp down on Holocaust denial – It’s illegal in Germany


In an interview with Reuters, Justice Minister Maas confirmed a letter was sent to Facebook, telling them they must abide by German laws banning racist content, even if it might be allowed in the US under freedom of speech.



Facebook will have to abide by German laws banning racist sentiment even if it might be allowed in the United States under freedom of speech, Justice Minister Heiko Maas said in an interview with Reuters.

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German prosecutors seek 3.5 years’ jail for 94 yr-old ‘Bookkeeper of Auschwitz’

In probably the last trial of its kind, Oskar Groening, 94, is charged with 300,000 counts of accessory to murder.

By i24news


German prosecutors on Tuesday said they were seeking three and a half years’ jail for a former SS officer known as the “Bookkeeper of Auschwitz.”

Former SS officer Oskar Groening acknowledges “moral guilt” for his role as the bookkeeper at the Auschwitz concentration camp – Photo: DPA/AFP/File

Oskar Groening, 94, stands accused before a court in the northern city of Lueneburg of 300,000 counts of accessory to murder in the cases of deported Hungarian Jews sent to the gas chambers between May and July 1944. Continue Reading »

Intelligence report: 1250 Hezbollah operatives & Hamas members in Germany

German agency reports: Radical Islamists are the ‘greatest danger for the country.’ 



The number of Islamists in Germany increased to 43,890 in 2014 from 43,190 in 2013, according to a report released on Tuesday by the country’s domestic intelligence agency.

Lebanese Hezbollah supporters gesture with their Nazi salute as they march during a religious procession to mark Ashura in Beirut’s suburbs. – Photo: REUTERS

Radical Islamists are “the greatest danger to Germany,” said Hans-Georg Maassen, the president of the agency, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV). “Germany is on the spectrum of goals for Islamic terrorists,” he added. Continue Reading »

Israeli-Made ‘Taxibot’ Makes Operational Debut at Frankfurt Airport

Israel’s Taxibot remote-controlled tow truck allows the pilot to drive the plane from the terminal to the runway, without having to burn considerable amounts of fuel.

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German Judge Rules: ‘Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism’

German judge ruled against participants at pro-Gaza rally noting that saying ‘Zionist’ is the language of anti-Semites, as a code for ‘Jew.’

By Israel Today Staff


A German judge last week equated condemnation of Zionism with anti-Semitism, undercutting the arguments of many who claim that hostile criticism of Israel is not the same as hating the Jews.

PHOTO: Pro-Gaza rally in Essen, Germany last summer – Israel Today

In judging the case of 24-year-old Taylan Can, a German citizen of Turkish decent known for is anti-Israel activism, Judge Gauri Sastry refused to allow the defendant to hide behind the notion of legitimate criticism of the Jewish state. Continue Reading »

Vote on Palestine recognition by EU Parliament postponed

The postponement is due in part to Germany’s opposition to recognizing a Palestinian state prior to peace with Israel.



A vote by the European Parliament in Strasbourg over whether to recognize a Palestinian state was postponed Tuesday from later this week to mid-December.

eu flag (european union)

EU flags – Photo: REUTERS

Israeli diplomatic officials said the move was pushed off from Thursday for three reasons: difficulties have emerged between the various parties regarding the language of the resolution; opposition by some members of the various parties – especially from Germany – to the resolution; and intensive work by Israeli diplomats in Brussels to postpone the vote, hoping to gain more time to change minds.

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German town outwits annual neo-Nazi protesters

Tired of the annual invasion of neo-Nazis into their small town, the residents of Wunsiedel, where Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess is buried, decided it’s high time the neo-Nazis finally marched for a good cause.

By Marlene Halser



They keep coming back year after year. Since the 1990s, neo-Nazi demonstrators invade the village of Wunsiedel in south Germany every November to commemorate the National Heroes’ Remembrance Day by visiting the grave of Adolf Hitler’s Deputy, Rudolf Hess, which was located in the village until it was dissolved in 2005 when the lease agreement ran out.

With flags and wreaths, neo Nazis commemorate a so called 'National Heroes' Remembrance Day.'

With flags and wreaths, neo Nazis commemorate a so called ‘National Heroes’ Remembrance Day.’

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No EU recognition of Palestine without Germany

Chancellor Angela Merkel opposes unilaterally recognizing Palestinian state, reiterating that Germany will not follow the other European nations that have already done so.

By News Agencies & Israel Hayom Staff


German Chancellor Angela Merkel has underlined Germany’s opposition to recognizing a Palestinian state after lawmakers elsewhere in Europe backed such a move.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel – Photo: Reuters

Sweden’s new government officially recognized a Palestinian state on Oct. 30. Last Tuesday, Spain’s parliament approved a nonbinding resolution recognizing a Palestinian state, following similar motions in Britain and Ireland. Germany, Israel’s closest European ally, has made clear it will not follow that lead.

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Again! Authorities discover more Nazi appropriated art in Gurlitt’s 2nd home


After discovering over 1,400 artworks worth $1.35 billion that disappeared during World War II in a Munich apartment — German authorities did not think they would find anymore masterpieces in the possession of Cornelius Gurlitt — the son of an art dealer who worked with the Nazis during the war.

Gurlitt apartment in Salzburg – Photo: GettyImages

But life is full of surprises and it was reported Tuesday that the 81-year-old Gurlitt was holding 60 additional works — including paintings by the acclaimed Picasso, Renoir and Monet — in a second home in Salzburg, Austria. Continue Reading »

After New Year’s eve vandalism, Germany commits to protect Berlin Holocaust memorial


YouTube Video clearly shows man urinating & others launching fireworks from middle of Berlin Holocaust memorial.



BERLIN – Germany has promised to strengthen security at the Holocaust Memorial in the heart of Berlin after a video published on the Internet showed a man urinating and people launching fireworks from its grey concrete structure on New Year’s Eve.

Berlin Holocaust Memorial

Berlin Holocaust Memorial

“The incidents are outrageous and to be deplored,” German Culture Minister Monika Gruetters was quoted as saying by Bild newspaper on Thursday.

A foundation that supervises the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, which was opened in 2005, will talk to police and arrange tighter security, Gruetters said. Continue Reading »