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Kosher Israeli children’s snack Bamba will reduce peanut allergies to U.S. kids

With Israeli children owing their resistance to peanut allergies to the legendary snack loved by all, Nestlé is now exposing it to a wider US audience, making Bamba an ideal candidate to dramatically reduce the number of American children from developing the dreadful allergy.

By Navit Zommer


Will Bamba, the famous, all-times favorite Israeli peanut snack reduce American peanut allergies? The Osem company’s snack will soon be on its way widespread distribution in the US, in a a deal brokered by the international food giant Nestlé.

Bamba is planned to be adopted by Nestlé’s baby snacks section, and a new commercial aired recently already shows the Bamba icon — a red headed baby — walking the streets of New York City. Continue Reading »

Theater of the absurd: Palestinians upset US broker peace without their approval

As Palestinian leaders are still refusing U.S. calls to engage in peace negotiations, American representatives take to Twitter, calling out Palestinians leaders for purposely misleading the public with inaccurate posts, questioning if the Palestinian Authority is actually sincere in seeking a genuine peace.

By Ryan Jones


The Palestinian Authority on Thursday slammed the Trump Administration for “conspiring” to broker a Middle East peace deal that doesn’t meet each and every one of the Palestinians’ demands.

U.S. Special Envoy to the Middle East Jason Greenblatt (left) engages Palestinians and Tweets corrections to Palestinian Authority lead negotiator Saeb Erekat on Twitter.

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Palestinian arrested for murder of 19 yr-old woman found in Jerusalem forest

Israel Police statement read, “A joint investigation of the Israeli Police and the General Security Service (Shin Bet) led SWAT (MAGAV) and IDF forces to Ramallah, where a suspect was arrested in connection with the murder of Ori Ansbacher in the Ein Yael area in Jerusalem.”

By i24NEWS


Israeli police and security forces arrested a Palestinian man in connection with the murder of a 19-year-old woman from a West Bank settlement, whose lifeless body was found in the Jerusalem forest on Thursday night with multiple stab wounds.

The suspect, reportedly aged 30, was arrested in the city of Ramallah in the West Bank. Continue Reading »

BUSTED: Reports expose Amnesty International as toxic workplace, anti-Semitic

Amnesty International has been exposed as an anti-Semitic movement that supports BDS which employs convicted Palestinian terrorists, publicizes propaganda as fact, and a survey among 475 staff members has 70% admitting Amnesty Int’l is an organization with a “ toxic working environment, where widespread bullying, public humiliation, discrimination and other abuses of power are common.”

By Yochanan Visser


A report published this week by the Israeli Strategic Ministry, ‘shed more light on the BDS movement which the Ministry accused of being infiltrated by terrorists and former members of terrorist organizations.

Last week Amnesty International started an anti-Semitic BDS campaign against the Jewish presence in Judea and Samaria, by publishing a new report about alleged Jewish war crimes in Israel’s biblical heartland. Continue Reading »

Israel TVnews: Israel finds new Iranian precision missile factory in Syria

Having had their previous factory destroyed in 2018 by an IAF attack in Syria, Israel TV12 News reports Iran has constructed a new factory for the production of precision missile.
– The White House vows to remain ‘relentless’ to deter Tehran’s missile program.

By i24NEWS


Iran has built a new precision missile factory in Syria in the same area where Israeli airstrikes destroyed a previous one last year, Channel 12 reported on Thursday.

According to the report, Israel discovered that the factory was built in the outskirts of Latakia, a port city located near the Russian Khmeimim Air Force base. Continue Reading »

Palestinian men take children into Israel for medical aid, leave them at border

Israel alarmed by ‘unacceptable phenomenon’ where Palestinian parent remains in Israel illegally by using their children to enter Israel for medical treatment, then abandons them at Gaza border crossing.

By Yoav Zitun


A worrying phenomenon appears to have developed on the border with the Gaza Strip that sees parents of children taken to Israel for medical treatment abandon their offsprings in order to remain in the country as illegal residents.

According to the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), Israeli soldiers find abandoned Gazan children brought to Israel by their parents for medical treatment several times a months. Continue Reading »

REPORT: Due to Israeli attacks Iran to move weapons site from Damascus airport

Tehran is reported to have made the decision in wake of Israel’s PM threat to intensify IDF action in Syria while Russia’s inaction to the Israeli attacks on Iranian weapon distribution centers becomes more acute.

By i24NEWS


Despite the nearing end of the Syrian Civil War, the country remains a battleground for competing international players seeking to maintain their power in the region.

Following the wave of recent Israeli attacks on Damascus international airport targeting Iranian weapons storage sites, Iran is considering moving its weapons supply center far away to a different Syrian air base known as T4, located between Homs and Palmyra, Haaretz reported Thursday.

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US envoy Greenblatt accuses Saeb Erekat of ‘spreading misinformation’

White House Special Envoy to the Middle East Jason Greenblatt responded on Twitter to correct the Palestinian lead negotiator Saeb Erekat after having purposely propagated misinformation, reminding him, “Saeb, please have more respect for the Palestinians in both Gaza & the West Bank; they deserve it.”

IDF shells Hamas position after Gaza rockets fired at Israel

Officials from the Eshkol Regional Council, where residents reported hearing an explosion nearby, said the projectile fired from Gaza landed in an open field causing no injuries or damages.

By i24NEWS


Israeli forces on Wednesday night targeted Hamas positions in the Gaza Strip in response to a rocket fired from the enclave that landed in an open area in Israel’s south.

“A short while ago, one launch was identified from the Gaza Strip at Israeli territory. In response, an IDF tank targeted a Hamas military post in the southern Gaza Strip,” Israel’s Defense Forces (IDF) said in a statement.

IDF Merkava tank on border with Gaza – Facebook IDF Page

Officials from the Eshkol Regional Council, where residents reported hearing an explosion nearby, said the projectile landed outside of residential areas and caused no injuries or damages.

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Israeli District Court Allows Confiscation of Flotilla Ships Violating Gaza Blockade

In a major precedent which should deter future flotillas attempting to break the legally ruled blockade, the Haifa District Court now allows the state to confiscate maritime vessels, if action is taken in a timely manner.



The state can confiscate ships used in flotillas to break the IDF’s sea blockade of Gaza, the Haifa Court, sitting as a maritime court, has ruled setting a new major precedent which could deter the flotilla tactic.

The Haifa District Attorney’s Office announced the decision on Wednesday in which Deputy Haifa Court President Ron Sokol had, earlier in the week, approved the state’s request to seize the Zaytouna-Oliva ship which sailed in a September 2016 “women’s flotilla” to break the blockade. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Eurovision pick drops out over compulsory rehearsals on Shabbat

The Shalva group, which includes members who are blind and have Down syndrome, says the European Broadcasting Union discriminate against Orthodox Jews after denying their request for scheduling changes and staging compulsory rehearsals on the Jewish Sabbath.

By the Associated Press


An Israeli band that includes musicians with special needs has dropped out of the Eurovision Song Contest because it would force some of its observant members to perform on a Saturday, the Jewish day of rest.

The Shalva group said Wednesday it’s quitting Israel’s qualifying competition after the Eurovision organizers said it would make no exceptions for the Jewish state’s ultimate winner. Continue Reading »

White House adviser Jared Kushner set to share update on US peace plan

REPORT: For the first time, US President Trump’s senior adviser will reportedly provide an update on the long awaited Israel-PA peace plan during the upcoming Warsaw Middle East conference next week.

By Elad Benari


White House senior adviser Jared Kushner is expected to share an update about the Trump administration’s Middle East peace plan during a public session at the Warsaw Middle East conference next Thursday, Channel 13 News’Barak Ravid reported on Tuesday.

A White House official said Kushner will be participating in a discussion hosted by former Norwegian foreign minister Borge Brende on efforts to end the Israeli-Palestinian Arab conflict. Continue Reading »

80 Ethiopian Jews brought to Israel in ‘Operation Yehudith’

“The Operation Yehudith campaign to bring Ethiopian Jews to Israel is a very moving moment, and all of Israel welcomes you,” said Jewish Agency Chairman Isaac Herzog at a special reception at Ben Gurion Airport.

By the Associated Press and Israel Hayom Staff


Eighty Ethiopian Jews landed in Israel on Monday in the first wave of new immigration since the government said last year that it would let some of the 8,000 remaining community members join relatives in Israel.

Local Ethiopian-Israelis welcomed the newcomers after years of delays. The newcomers are members of the Falash Mura community – the descendants of Jews who converted to Christianity under pressure from missionaries in the 19th and 20th centuries.  Continue Reading »

Israel satellite images reveal Russian S-300 missile operational in Syria

PM Netanyahu, who is also acting Defense Minister stated, “We will strike at anyone who tried to harm us. Whoever threatens to eliminate us, bears full responsibility.”



The launchers of Russian-made S-300 missile defense systems deployed to Syria have been erected, new satellite images released on Tuesday showed.

The satellite images released by the Israeli satellite company ImageSat International show three out of the four systems erected in Masyaf in northwestern Syria. One launcher was observed covered by a camouflage net.

“Due to the current regional tension and the detected erection of the launchers it is possible that the mentioned activity indicates an increase of the operational level and alertness,” ImageSat said in their assessment of the images. Continue Reading »

‘Inconvenient truth’ exposed by NYT: “Palestinian government resigns”

An oxymoron was inadvertently exposed in a New York Times headline that announced this week that the “Palestinian government resigns”. So dare I ask, ‘How is there an “occupation” if the Palestinians have their own government?’

Op-Ed by Att’y Stephen M. Flatow


“Palestinian Government Resigns,” a New York Times headline announced this week. It must have been quite a surprise to Times readers to learn that there was such a thing as a Palestinian government, since until now, all they have heard —in the Times and other major news media— is that Israel “occupies” the Palestinian Arabs.

Just last week, in fact, the Times featured an essay by pundit Michelle Alexander about what she called “the Palestinian people struggling to survive under Israeli occupation.” It was 2,200 words long—that is, three times the size of an average op-ed. Continue Reading »