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At 95 yrs-old Dorothy Immigrates to Israel – It’s Never Too Late!


With the aid of the Nefesh B’Nefesh organization, 95-year-old Dorothy Truttner finally immigrated to Israel, saying, “All my life I dreamed of living in Israel but only made it today. It has taken me a long time to fulfill this dream, but it’s never too late.”

By Yossi Aloni


“All my life I dreamed of living in Israel but only made it today. It has taken me a long time to to fulfill this dream, but it’s never too late,” said the 95-year-old Dorothy Truttner after her immigration to Israel made possible with the aid of the Nefesh B’Nefesh organization. Continue Reading »

Ashdod to get Israel’s newest, most modern hospital


Directors of the new Ashdod hospital, in conjunction with Nefesh B’Nefesh, went to America to enlist the help of US medical professionals to work in Israel’s newest, state of the art hospital.

By Itamar Eichner


Candidates for Aliyah with medical backgrounds recently attended an event in New York hosted by the directors of a new state of the art hospital being built in Ashdod, in partnership with Nefesh B’Nefesh.

Israel currently has a shortage of doctors, and is looking abroad at potential new immigrants to help fill the gap.

“If you’re considering making aliyah, it’s important to keep the security situation in mind. Continue Reading »

Historic achievement: Another 1,300 Ethiopian Jews ‘returning’ home


Even in the face of budget constraints, two Likud MKs forced Netanyahu’s hand, making him backtrack after scrapping resolution on Ethiopian aliyah.

By Hezki Ezra


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Thursday reached an agreement with MK David Amsalem of his party, according to which 1,300 Ethiopian Jews will be brought home on aliyah to Israel over the course of the current year.

refused to vote with the coalition in protest since early March. The move came after Netanyahu’s office canceled the Knesset decision from last November to bring Ethiopia’s 9,000 remaining Jews to Israel, citing budget constraints as a reason. Continue Reading »

Report: Seeking retribution Yemen arrests 2 for aiding Torah smuggled to Israel


Yemeni Orthodox man and airport worker were arrested of aiding in the operation that brought 19 Yemeni Jews, accompanied with their community’s ancient Torah, to Israel.

By Jessica Satin


A Jewish man and an airport worker in Yemen have been arrested under the accusation of aiding in the smuggling of an antique torah from the war-torn country to Israel, the Jewish Chronicle reports.

Yemeni Jew, Sliman Ychya Yakov Dahari (L), arrives alongside other Yemeni Jews to an immigration centre in the Israeli city of Beersheba on March 21, 2016 following a secret rescue operation. – PHOTO: Menahem Kahana (AFP)

Earlier this week 19 Yemini Jews were airlifted to Israel in what officials called a “complex, covert operation” that was carried out with the assistance of the Jewish Agency and the US State Department. Continue Reading »

Ex-Ukrainian ‘child soldier’ moves to Israel, learns Hebrew, joins IDF


At age 16, Sergei Brezhnikov, joined the Ukrainian “Children’s Army,” then at 19, he made aliyah, and after studying Hebrew, enlisted in the IDF.  Now, prior to his training as a medic, says “In Israel, I’ll have a better future.”

By Danny Brenner


“Israel is my new home, and I see my future here, only,” says Sergei Brezhnikov, 20, a lone IDF soldier who made aliyah from Ukraine.

Sergei Brezhnikov in his IDF uniform – Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

Brezhnikov was born in the city of Vinnytsia, the only child of a single mother who was 19 when she had him. Continue Reading »

US rapper moves to Israel after converting to Judaism


Having converted to Judaism 3 years ago, Nissim, formerly D. Black, just fulfilled his dream by making aliyah with his family.
view video• Continuing to make music, Nissim has a US tour planned.

By Reut Rimerman


Seattle rapper Nissim, formerly known as D. Black, last weekend fulfilled a dream he has had since converting to Judaism three years ago – making Israel his home.

Immediately after landing Ben Gurion International Airport, Nissim spoke of “the last piece missing to complete the puzzle of my life — the land of Israel. . .God, Israel, and the Jewish people are one comprehensive unit, so when you have one piece without the others, it’s an incomplete puzzle.” Continue Reading »

Five Chinese Jews make Aliyah after millennia in exile 


view videoFive women from Kaifeng, China, who reconnected with their ancient Jewish roots, have their ‘prayers answered’ by returning home, with the help of Jerusalem-based Shavei Israel.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


In the first Aliyah from the ancient Chinese Jewish community of Kaifeng in the last seven years, five women from the community are scheduled to arrive in Israel next Monday, returning to the Jewish homeland after thousands of years of exile.

The women, Gao Yichen (“Weiwei”), Yue Ting, Li Jing, Li Yuan, and Li Chengjin (“Lulu”), have been intensively studying Hebrew and Judaism for the last several years in Kaifeng to reconnect to their Jewish roots, and are now being brought back home by the Jerusalem-based nonprofit Shavei Israel. Continue Reading »

Egypt revokes citizenship from Jewish woman for becoming IDF soldier


At age 15, ‘Rouen Abdullah’ of Alexandria, now known as Dina Ovadia, learned she was Jewish when her family was forced to leave Egypt, but enraged Cairo after relocating to Jerusalem then joining the ‘occupation army.’ 

By Smadar Perry


Egypt’s Prime Minister Sherif Ismail has decided to revoke the Egyptian citizenship of 22-year-old Dina Ovadia from Jerusalem because she moved to Israel and joined the IDF.

Ovadia was born and raised in the city of Alexandria in Egypt. “My name was Rouleen Abdullah, and I went to a Muslim school,” she told the IDF journal two years ago.

When she was 15, an incident happened that turned her life upside down. Continue Reading »

As More Jews Are Attacked Daily In Europe, Aliyah Keeps Breaking Records


The increase of anti-Semitic attacks throughout western Europe has Jews so worried for the personal safety of their families, the Jewish Agency figures 8,000 new immigrants have come from France in the past year, as a result.

By Shoshana Miskin


The Jewish Agency revealed on Thursday that the number of Jews who made Aliyah to Israel from Western Europe has reached an all-time high.

Jewish new immigrants from France are welcomed upon their arrival at Ben Gurion Int’l Airport on December 8, 2015 – Photo: AFP/Jack Guez

According to the figures, 9,880 Western European Jews immigrated to Israel in 2015 – the highest number ever recorded. Continue Reading »

Grandparents’ stories of Israel inspired Japanese man to join IDF


Now serving in the Nahal Brigade, Daniel Tomohiro speaks of growing up in Japan, being inspired by his grandfather’s stories of making aliyah and fighting in Israel’s War of Independence.
• “My grandmother was in Auschwitz and was saved only because a German nurse covered her with a blanket,” he says.

By Danny Brenner


Daniel Tomohiro is not the typical Israeli soldier. His Hungarian grandparents survived the Holocaust, made aliyah, and fought in the War of Independence, but they then moved to Australia, where his mother met and married a Japanese man and moved to Iwata, Japan.

Now Tomohiro has come full circle and is serving in the Israel Defense Forces, undergoing basic training with the Nahal Brigade’s 50th Battalion. Continue Reading »

Israel sees record immigration of Jews from France in 2015

After multiple terror attacks strike Paris in 2015, French immigration rose 10%, while overall Jewish immigration was at 15yr-high.

By Reuters


A record number of French Jews moved to Israel this year, an immigration official said on Thursday, citing anti-Semitic violence and economic insecurity in the European country as causes.

A Jewish immigrant from France arrives for a candle-lighting ceremony to mark Hanukkah, upon landing at Ben Gurion International Airport (Photo: Reuters)

A Jewish immigrant from France arrives for a candle-lighting ceremony to mark Hanukkah, upon landing at Ben Gurion International Airport – Photo: Reuters

France has the largest Jewish population in Europe, having grown by nearly half since World War Two to some 550,000. The community has been jarred by an increase in security threats and Islamist terror attacks such as January’s gun rampage at a Paris kosher market that killed four Jews. Continue Reading »

Despite Arab Terror on Jews, 65 North American New Immigrants Arrive in Tel Aviv


Undeterred by the latest wave of Palestinian violence, 65 Canadian and US Jews, aged 10 months – 83 years old, decided to make Israel their new home.

By Shifra Shomron


Despite the current wave of terror attacks against Israelis in recent days, which has the country on high alert and has seen civilians determinedly protecting themselves from knife attacks, 65 new immigrants (or Olim) from the United States and Canada landed in Israel yesterday (Wednesday) morning.

They came via El Al Israel airlines, on a Nefesh B’Nefesh (NBN) group Aliyah flight which was facilitated in cooperation with Israel’s Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption, the Jewish Agency for Israel, Keren Kayemeth Le’Israel, and JNF-USA.
Continue Reading »

REPORT: Yemenite gov’t to Jews: Convert or leave Yemen




Yemen’s remaining Jews have been given a stark choice by their government: Convert to Islam or leave the country.

Chief rabbi of the Jews in Yemen Yahya Yosef Mosa with his family carries a picture of the ousted president of Yemen Ali Abdullah Salehin in his home in Sanaa. – Photo: REUTERS

According to acting Regional Cooperation Minister Ayoub Kara, a Druse lawmaker who maintains ties with contacts across the Arab world, a representative of Yemen’s small Jewish community reached out to him with a written ultimatum from the country’s government. Continue Reading »

French Immigration Skyrockets as 200 More French Jews Arrive in Israel

French Aliyah (immigration) is up 11% since last year, as Israel is expecting between 30,000 – 35,000 new immigrants in 2015, the most since 2005.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


More than 200 French Jews, half of whom are children, arrived in Israel Tuesday aboard a special Aliyah flight organized by The Jewish Agency for Israel and the Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption.

French family makes Aliyah – Jeremy Fournée for The Jewish Agency for Israel

Although the plane arrived in the wee hours of the morning, the immigrants were warmly received at a festive welcome event at Ben-Gurion International Airport.The
Continue Reading »

Israel Interior Minister Plans to Bring 7,000 Ethiopian Jews to Israel

Israel’s Interior Minister: The 7000 family members of 500 Ethiopian-Israeli IDF soldiers who are still waiting to come to Israel, will be brought ‘home’.



Families of some 500 Ethiopian Israeli IDF soldiers will be brought to Israel, announced Interior Minister Silvan Shalom at a joint meeting between the Immigration, Absorption, and Diaspora Committee and the Interior Committee at the Knesset on Monday.

Continue Reading »