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UN Recognizes IDF Emergency Field Hospital as ‘World’s Best’


view videoRegardless that IDF field hospitals have been one of the first on the scene of most major disasters, the UN’s World Health Organization has officially rated IDF field hospitals as a “Type 3” medical facility, the only one to have attained that classification.

By Israel Today Staff


The United Nation’s last week paid Israel a rare compliment by publicly recognizing the Israel Defense Forces’ (IDF) medical aid team as the very best in the world.

The IDF field hospital is routinely dispatched to disaster zones around the world to provide much-needed assistance and treatment to the victims of tsunamis, earthquakes and other calamities. Continue Reading »

Dubai woman names newborn after IDF officer who helped deliver, Hadi


Dubai woman traveling to West Bank goes into labor at Allenby border crossing, receives emergency medical assistance from an IDF Druse officer who delivered baby, named Hadi, after himself.



An Arab woman who delivered her baby at the Israeli-Jordanian border crossing on Tuesday named the infant after the IDF officer who helped her give birth.

The woman from Dubai accompanied by the Israeli officer. – Photo: ARAB MEDIA

The woman, heading from Dubai to the West Bank, arrived at Allenby border crossing when suddenly she started feeling contractions. An Israeli IDF officer who was present at the scene gave her initial medical treatment at the border crossing, after which he accompanied her to a hospital in Jericho. Continue Reading »

Syrian refugees thank Israel on dedicated website


view videoHaving been targeted by Hezbollah, Iranians & the Syria army, Aboud Dandachi, dedicate a website to stories of Israelis who help Syrian refugees & on his belief that Syrians have no reason to see Israelis as enemies.

By Roi Kais


Syrians will mark the fifth anniversary of their brutal civil war next month. Aboud Dandachi is one of millions whose lives have been completely overturned by the bloody conflict.

Dandashi in Homs, a decade ago

Speaking from Istanbul, the 39-year-old high-tech professional tells Ynet about his experiences during the Syrian crisis, and about one important lesson about the country he was always taught to hate and fear. Continue Reading »

Int’l experts from 30 countries in Israel to learn ‘disaster response’ procedures


In coordination with the Soroka Medical Center, the Health Ministry’s Emergency Dept, the IDF Home Front Command, & the IDF Medical Corps, hundreds of int’l health professionals visit Israeli hospitals to learn how to effectively deal with a natural disaster or massive terror attack.

By Michael Bachner, TPS


Hundreds of professionals from 30 countries participated in a large-scale exercise at the Soroka Medical Center in Be’er Sheva this week, simulating the evacuation of dozens of casualties following a massive terrorist attack.

International exercise in Soroka on dealing with disasters – Photo: Shmaryahu Spero, TPS

Dozens of simulated casualties with various degrees of injury were evacuated to Soroka in scenarios mimicking a terror attack in a populated urban facility and leakage of hazardous materials from a train car. Continue Reading »

2 Druze from Golan Heights Indicted for Murder of Wounded Syrian

view videoGag order lifted: The 2 individuals, a 48 yr-old woman & a 22 yr-old man from Majdal Shams were among those who ambushed an IDF ambulance in route to hospital & beat the 2 wounded Syrians, killing one.

By Ido Ben Porat


A 22-year-old man and a 48-year-old woman from Majdal Shams in northern Israel have been indicted for murdering a wounded Syrian and critically injuring another in late June.

A gag order on the developments in the case was lifted Monday.

The two are Amal Abu Salah and Bashira Muhammad, who were documented on video among the dozens of Druze who chased down a military ambulance that passed near Majdal Shams, took out the wounded Syrians and beat them wildly. Continue Reading »

WATCH: Whenever a disaster strikes, the IDF is one of the first to volunteer

Israel’s national policy of ‘Tikun Olam’ (repairing the world) has been consistent, by sending 24 delegations to 22 countries, that have been struck by disasters in the last 30 years.

By Israel Today Staff


When countries have been struck by natural disasters, the IDF regularly lends a helping a hand and has sent delegations of medical and rescue staff to those places. The delegations consist mostly of specially trained reserve soldiers from the IDF’s Search and Rescue Unit.

IDF soldiers at humanitarian field hospital assembled in Nepal – Photo courtesy: IDF Spokesperson unit

In total, 24 delegations have been sent to 22 countries that have been struck by disasters in the last 30 years. Continue Reading »

WATCH: IDF & Israeli Medical Personnel Save the Life of Syrian Terrorist

Neither the IDF nor Israeli hospital personnel checked his nationality, political affiliation or his religion…only that he isn’t booby-trapped.

By Aviel Schneider


Israel’s commitment to human life knows no bounds. When soldiers guarding the northern border with Syria last week were asked to permit entry to a seriously wounded Syrian man, they did not hesitate, despite the fact that the patient was a member of the Al-Nusra Front, an offshoot of Al Qaeda.

Israeli military doctors received the wounded man at the border, and after a security check to make sure he was not wired with explosives, transported the patient to Ziv Medical Center in the Galilee town of Tsefat (Safed). Continue Reading »

OCHA reports on International teams to Nepal

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs’ report confirms Israel sends the largest emergency medical team to Nepal.

By the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)


Many Member States are offering support to the Nepal Earthquake response. Below is a snapshot of some of the operational and in-kind support provided based on initial information received, reflecting part of the tremendous effort of the entire international community in support of the Government and people of Nepal


Nepal Earthquake: Foreign Medical Personnel Snapshot (as of 30 April 2015)


Israel, far from being the first to arrive or the largest contingency sent, the IDF sent to Nepal the largest medical team.

Continue Reading »

REPORT: Nepal’s quake hits 5,844 dead – First child born in IDF field Hospital

Watch: IDF Field Hospital assembled
Climbing treks to resume on Mount Everest by next week
UN launches $415 million appeal for emergency aid

By i24news


The death toll from a devastating earthquake in Nepal has risen to 5,844, the government said Thursday.

Another 11,175 people have been injured in the 7.8-magnitude quake that hit on Saturday, the home ministry said in a series of tweets.

Climbing will resume on Mount Everest by next week after an earthquake-triggered avalanche that left 18 people dead on the world’s highest peak, a Nepalese government official said Thursday.

Saturday’s avalanche that ripped through base camp also destroyed ladders through the treacherous Khumbu icefall higher up the mountain, raising doubts about the future of this year’s climbing season. Continue Reading »

Photo Album: Israel’s Medical Assistance in Nepal Begins

First humanitarian mission aircraft has landed in Nepal. Israel’s priorities:
Search & rescue survivors from the rubble
Assemble IDF field hospital to begin rendering medical attention to the injured
Locate Israelis and return them home


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel has been providing assistance to Israelis, Nepalese and others since receiving the first reports of the earthquake that hit Nepal.
The Ministry, via Israel in Nepal, is aiding Israelis in the stricken area and is in touch with the families of Israeli travelers who have not yet established contact.

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IDF leases 1st MRI machine exclusively for soldiers’ examinations


Mobile model to be stationed at Tzrifin base is expected to cut the waiting time for MRI scans from months to days.
• 4 additional new machines en route to public hospitals in Holon, Hadera, Tiberias & Safed
• Number of MRIs in Israel still below OECD average.

By Meytal Yassour Bat-Or


Almost everyone who has served in the army knows the story: A soldier suffering from pain tries to make an appointment to diagnose what is causing it. By the time he can see a doctor, the problem is long gone and might even have been replaced by new ones.

Continue Reading »

Israeli Hospital Determined to Restore Syrian Child’s Sight


The 12 yr-old boy is but one Syrian civil war victims of ten patients currently being treated at the Israeli hospital. He lost his sight from regime shelling. Another victim says, ‘We were taught that Israel is the enemy.’

By Reuters


Israeli medics were checking last week a 12-year-old Syrian boy who was brought to Ziv Medical Center in Tzfat (Safed), northern Israel.

An injured Syrian girl being treated at Israel’s Ziv Medical Center – Reuters

The hospital said that the boy was severely wounded, losing the sight in both eyes and suffering injuries to his arm and leg, when a shell exploded near his home in the outskirts of Damascus. Continue Reading »

Syrian kids traveled by donkey to receive medical aid from Israel

After a 12-year-old boy lost his vision & sustained serious wounds to his arms & legs during fighting near Damascus, his older brother placed him on a donkey and took him to an IDF post on Syria’s border.

By Ahiya Raved,


A 12-year-old Syrian boy was brought to the Ziv Medical Center in Safed for medical treatment over the weekend after he was severely wounded near Damascus. This was not the first time a wounded Syrian arrived in an Israel hospital for treatment – but no patient has ever crossed the border in this fashion.

The wounded Syrian boy. Arrived at an IDF post near Israel-Syria border riding a donkey (Photo: Courtesy of Ziv Hospital)

The boy told the hospital staff that he had been taken by his brother to the Israeli border near the Syrian slopes of the Hermon, on the back of a donkey.”

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Close Up: IDF Paramedic on Israel’s Border with Syrian

On the Syria-Israel border, a field hospital is saving lives of Syrian who got injured and their lives are at risk. Earlier this morning, Noga Erez, a paramedic who saves lives on the border, received The President’s Award for Excellence for her outstanding service. Now, for the first time she shares her experiences from the field.




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IDF Aids Palestinian Traffic Accident Victims Until Red Crescent Arrives


Israel’s soldiers regularly go out of their way to help Palestinians, but unfortunately, the media often portrays them as heartless oppressors.

By Israel Today Staff


The Israeli army is regularly painted as a heartless oppressor of Palestinian Arabs. But the reality on the ground more often then not simply does not support that view.

Israeli Army and Red Cresent Helps Palestinian Traffic Accident Victims Together

Cpt. Yamin’s team and Red Crescent Helps Palestinian Traffic Accident Victims – Photo courtesy: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

For instance, on Tuesday a Palestinian minibus was involved in a traffic accident in central Judea (the southern part of the so-called “West Bank”). Israeli army forces stationed in the area were notified, and did not hesitate to dispatch a medical team to the scene. Continue Reading »