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Rocket from Gaza salvo falls short, direct hit on UN school for Palestinians

IDF’s Iron Dome intercepts two Gaza rockets in the third straight day of attacks emanating from the terrorist enclave, with a third landing in an open field in southern Israel while yet another rocket falls short, hitting a UNRWA school in Gaza.

By Matan Tzuri


Three consecutive Code Red Alerts were sounded Wednesday evening in the southern city of Sderot and the Negev Regional Council near the Gaza Strip, before the Iron Dome missile defense shot down two rockets, and another exploded in open space in Eshkol. It is the third day straight that quiet has been interrupted in Israeli towns and cities bordering the Palestinian enclave. Continue Reading »

Britain Buys Iron Dome Advanced Technology to Protect Falkland Islands

Rafael’s advanced technology, used in the Israeli-made Iron Dome missile defense system, has been acquired by Great Britain for NIS 365 million (£78 million) to defend the Falkland Islands from possible Argentinian aggression.

By Yaniv Halily


Britain purchased advanced technology used in the Iron Dome missile defense system from Israel for 78 million pounds (365 million shekels) to defend the Falkland Islands, a British Overseas Territory.

Iron Dome radar tracking (Left – Photo: Defense Ministry) and air-to-air Tamir interceptor missile systems (Right – Photo: Rafael Advanced Defense Systems)

The technology will be used for command and control of a British air defense system called Land Ceptor and was developed by mPrest, a subsidiary of Iron Dome developers Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. Continue Reading »

Australia upgrades military with Israel’s Trophy Defense System, Iron Dome, Spike Missiles

In the Australian Army’s plan to upgrade their armed vehicles with the latest defense systems, Israel’s defense giant Rafael has begun talks on opening factories in Australia to help provide those military needs.



As Australia overhauls its LAND 400 armored vehicles program, Israeli defense giant Rafael Advanced Defense Systems is in the running to provide its Trophy Active Protection System and SPIKE missiles to the land Down Under in deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

In order to meet the anticipated demand, Rafael will be opening a local company in Australia to jointly produce the SPIKE missiles with Australia’s Varley and will be purchasing metal for various system from Australia’s Bisalloy Steel Group, the company announced on Monday. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system showcased at annual US military gathering

Pentagon showing increasing interest in purchasing Israel’s Iron Dome, which was developed in collaboration with the US’s Raytheon Company, and currently on display at the 3-day Association of the US Army convention.

By Udi Etsion


The Iron Dome missile defense system has been installed in Washington DC as part of a presentation during the annual meeting of the Association of the US Army (AUSA) showcasing the latest radar technology and operational launchers.

‘Iron Dome’ Aerial Defense System – Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit/Facebook

The three-day meeting, which opened on Monday, is designed to deliver the Army’s message by highlighting the capabilities of its organizations and presenting a wide range of industry products and services. Continue Reading »

Israel Missile Defense Organization upgrades Iron Dome for maximum efficiency (VIDEO)


Watch: Seeking to augment the Iron Dome’s capabilities, since its last upgrade was in 2015, Israel’s Ministry of Defense succeeded in improving the technology behind the country’s anti-missile system.



An upgraded version of the Iron Dome missile defense system has passed a series of complex tests in recent days, improving the system’s capabilities.

According to a statement released by the Defense Ministry, the Israel Missile Defense Organization, which is responsible for the development of Israel’s multilayered defense system, in conjunction with Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, the main contractor of the Iron Dome system, carried out a number of experiments using American-made components in the course of the missile interception tests for the first time. Continue Reading »

Iron Dome intercepts 3 of 4 Sinai rocket fired at Eilat




WATCH Iron Dome intercepting rockets heading towards Eilat, allowing the fourth to land in an open area.


By Elad Benari


Sirens were sounded on Wednesday night, shortly before 11:00 p.m., in the resort city of Eilat and in the Eilot Regional Council.

Residents in the area reported hearing explosions immediately after the sirens.

The IDF confirmed that three rockets were fired from Egypt towards Eilat and that the Iron Dome anti-missile system intercepted them.

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Azerbaijan reports acquiring Israel’s Iron Dome missile system


Just days after Israel’s PM Netanyahu visited Azerbaijan, President Ilham Aliyev revealed that his country has signed $5 billion worth of contracts to purchase weapons & security equipment from Israel.



Just days after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Baku, Azerbaijani Defense Minister Javer Jamalov announced over the weekend that his country has signed a deal to purchase Israel’s Iron Dome aerial defense system.

Jamalov made the announcement on Saturday during a briefing with reporters. According to a report in the Azerbaijan Press Agency, Jamalov said that the “agreement was reached between the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry and Israel’s relevant structure”, likely a reference to Israel’s Defense Ministry. Continue Reading »

Czech Republic replaces old Russian radars with Israeli made radar systems



The Czech Republic is reportedly buying 8 Israeli manufactured radar systems to detect anything flying between 100 meters to 3 kilometers, such as low flying aircraft attempting to violate Czech airspace.

By The Associated Press


European fears of possible Russian action have led to huge business deals with Israeli security providers, with the Czech Republic purchasing MMR radars from the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).

The radar is the same one used by both the Iron Dome and David’s Sling anti-missile defense systems. It is used to identify and locate incoming rockets but is also able to identify other aerial targets within a 250km radius. Continue Reading »

Shiite Muslim nation to acquire Iron Dome defense missile batteries from Israel


view videoForeign media reports Israel & Azerbaijan have long maintained defense & energy ties, and are currently negotiating several arms deals, including the Muslim state’s acquisition of several Iron Dome air defense systems.

By Shlomo Cesana


Azerbaijan is planning to acquire several Iron Dome air defense system batteries, Israel Hayom learned Thursday.

Iron Dome, manufactured by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, is designed to intercept and destroy short-range rockets and artillery shells fired from distances of 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) to 70 kilometers (43 miles).

The impending acquisition was announced ahead of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Azerbaijan, scheduled for December. Continue Reading »

BREAKING NEWS: Syrian rockets fired at Israel intercepted by Iron Dome







No injuries reported, in this first of its kind incident, where Israel’s Iron Dome interceptor neutralized 2 incoming rockets that appear to have been fired from across the border in Syria.

By i24news


A second rocket fired into Israeli territory from Syria was successfully intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system on Saturday afternoon, after a first rocket was shot down over the Golan Heights only an hour earlier.

No injuries were reported as a result of both incidents.

“A short time ago a projectile fired from Syria was intercepted by the Iron Dome aerial defense system. Continue Reading »

US Army looks at Israel’s short-range missile interceptor for European defense


The US Army has its eyes on purchasing the Tamir missile, used in the Israel’s Iron Dome Missile Defense System, to incorporate it into Europe’s air defenses against any possible future Russian expansion.

By Reuters

The United States has tested the short-range interceptor missile used by Israel’s Iron Dome system with a view to incorporating it or a future American counterpart in European-based air defense against Russia, a US Army general said on Monday.

Iron Dome in action – Photo: AP

Developed with funding help from Washington, Iron Dome has had a 90 percent shoot-down rate against Palestinian rockets, Israeli and US officials say. Continue Reading »

First U.S. Army test with Israel’s Iron Dome against drones, successful 


For the first time on American soil, the US Army successfully used Israel’s Rafael made Iron Dome to shoot down a targeted drone.



The US Army this week carried out a first successful trial of an interceptor air defense missile, made by Israeli defense company Rafael.

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Israel Air Force celebrates 5 years with Iron Dome after 8000 enemy launches


view videoWATCH: Iron Dome’s 1st interception of a Palestinian rocket was fired from Gaza towards Ashkelon, and has performed more than 1,000 successful terror rocket interceptions from 8000 fired the system had identified.

By Yoav Zitun


It began with the historic interception of a rocket fired from northern Gaza towards an Ashkelon neighborhood, and since then it has performed more than 1,000 anti-rocket interceptions from 8000 launches the system has identified. These were carried out in seven rounds of escalation and two operations (Operation Pillar of Fire and Operation Protective Edge). The system’s success rate after five years is about ninety percent.

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Report: American Casino Magnate Offered Obama $1b for Iron Dome Batteries To Defend Israel



U.S. casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson, a strong Israel supporter and backer of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, offered in 2013 to pay $1 billion for Iron Dome anti-missile batteries for Israel, Politico reported on Thursday.

Las Vegas gaming tycoon and Israel Hayom proprietor Sheldon Adelson. – Photo: REUTERS

In a profile Politico wrote on US President Barack Obama’s chief of staff Denis McDonough, Nevada Senator Harry Reid, then the senate majority leader, called Obama shortly after Congress passed a funding bill for the Iron Dome and relayed Adelson’s offer – “so committed was he to safeguarding the Jewish state “ – to finance the batteries. Continue Reading »

Israeli warships armed with Iron Dome anti-missile system will protect gas reserves at sea

Israel’s “Sa’ar 5” warships already equipped with the Barak 1 missile defense system, will incorporate the Iron Dome as well, until new warships reached in a deal with Germany arrive in 2019.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) will install its successful Iron Dome missile defence system on warships protecting Israel’s off-shore gas drilling platforms, a temporary measure until new warships acquired in a deal with Germany arrive.

The Iron Dome missile defense system, protecting Israel’s cities from Palestinian rocket attacks. – Photo: Twitter

Israel has huge and mostly untapped gas fields that cover some 23,000 square km (9,000 square miles) of sea, more than Israel’s territory on land.

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