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Syrian patient at Ziv Medical Center: ‘Israel is not the enemy. Bashar is the enemy.’


After 5 years of Syrian regime bombing of its own people, Syrian refugees treated by the IDF or in Israeli hospitals learn quickly that their Jewish neighbor is not their real foe.
– A Syrian patient treated in Safed says, ‘The future of Syria has no Bashar Assad…Israel is not the enemy. Bashar is the enemy.’

By The Associated Press


Seven wounded Syrians—two children, four women and a man—waited in pain for darkness to fall to cross into enemy territory. Under the faint moonlight, Israeli military medical corps quickly whisked the patients across the hostile frontier into armored ambulances headed to hospitals for intensive care. Continue Reading »

Israel Hospitals threaten to end Syrian refugee treatment over lack of gov’t funding


Although the gov’t has partially paid, Israel’s Health Minister has ordered hospitals to stop treating Syrian refugees [if not life-threatening] starting next week, if Jerusalem doesn’t allocate funds to allay the financial burden.

By Rotem Elizera


Hospitals are warning that they will cease to admit wounded Syrian refugees for treatment starting next week, if the government does not help to provide assistance to allay the financial costs involved.

Director of the Government’s Medical Centers Division Dr. Orly Weinstein said in a letter sent Sunday to PMO Deputy Director Ehud Prawer that “as we know, public medical centers up north have been admitting Syrian refugees transferred by the defense establishment for the past four years now. Continue Reading »

WATCH: Israel’s Magen David Adom makes Gaza girl with cancer’s wish come true


This is the real Israel:
In the mist of all the knife-attacks and terrorism directed at the Jewish State, Israel isn’t afraid to fight, or render medical attention & humanitarian aid to those who hate them.

By Israel Today Staff


This story happened a couple months back, but we are quite certain that amidst all the bashing of Israel, the mainstream Western media ignored it completely.

Little Aya is suffering from advanced leukemia. Back in August of last year, she was given a permit, along with her mother, to travel from Gaza to Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem to receive the care she needs. Continue Reading »

Thankful Syrian mother names Israel-born daughter, Sarah


Knowing the hospitals & clinics near her village have all been destroyed, a 29 yr-old pregnant Syrian woman makes way to the Israeli border where IDF soldiers transfer her to an Israeli hospital.
• “I’ll never forget what you did here,” she said.

By Danny Brenner


A 29-year-old Syrian woman gave birth to a healthy girl last weekend in Ziv Medical Center in Safed, and in gratitude to the State of Israel, named the baby Sarah.

The woman came from a village around which every hospital and clinic had been destroyed in the long civil war. Nearing the end of her pregnancy, she made the dangerous trek to the Israeli border, and was brought to the hospital by the Israel Defense Forces, where she gave birth by caesarian section. Continue Reading »

French doctors and press team visit Israel to learn emergency protocols


French doctors, accompanied with journalists, tour Israel’s emergency underground hospital at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center to learn about emergency protocols enacted when dealing with mass casualties.

By Israel Hayom Staff


A delegation of French doctors arrived in Israel to learn about emergency protocols for hospitals in situations of mass casualties and terrorist attacks, French media reported.

The doctors and the accompanying press team visited the ninth floor underground at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, where there is a sheltered emergency room. The Israeli medical staff explained to their French counterparts that all 800 patients in the hospital, along with the medical equipment, can be relocated to the underground sheltered floors in less than an hour. Continue Reading »

Record number of organ transplants in Israel for 2016


Hospitals throughout Israel saved 504 lives in 2016 attributed to organ transplants, compared with 433 in 2015.
• 1,116 patients still waiting for organ transplants, most of them needing a liver, kidney or heart.
• 61% of families approached about donating a dead loved one’s organs agreed.

By Maytal Yasur Beit-Or


A record 504 organ transplants were performed in Israel in 2016, a significant increase from the 433 in 2015, according to data from the National Transplant Center. The transplanted organs were taken from both the deceased and the living, giving new life and hope to terminally ill patients. Continue Reading »

Meet the other Hassan Nasrallah, an Israeli lifesaver


With his infamous namesake notwithstanding, meet Israel’s own Hassan Nasrallah, an Israeli Arab who’s chosen a different path, one dedicate to saving the lives of others as an Israeli EMT with United Hatzalah.

Arutz Sheva Staff


When most people hear the name Hassan Nasrallah, it arouses negative sentiments for the leader of the Lebanese terrorist organization of Hezbollah. They are reminded of a man who has the blood of thousands on his hands. While the man may live in infamy, the name is shared by another individual, an Israeli, who has chosen to dedicate his life to saving the lives of others. Continue Reading »

Israeli Medical Center raises post-treatment funds for Syria’s civil war victims



Israel’s northern hospital, the Ziv Medical Center that’s treated over 700 Syrian civilian victims, is aiming to send patients home with a ‘care package’ to assist in their recuperation for a better and more sustainable recovery.

By Arutz Sheva Staff



Ziv Medical Center, which has treated over 700 casualties of the Syrian civil war, including women and children is now working to raise funds for their treatment and return to Syria.

Location of the Ziv Medical Center, Safed, Israel - Google Maps

Location of the Ziv Medical Center, Safed, Israel – Google Maps/IsraelandStuff

The casualties all reach the border, by any means at their disposal. Among the injured are children and young adults who arrive on their own, unaccompanied by a family member, perhaps they have lost their families during the course of the war. Continue Reading »

Israeli doctors in Jerusalem cure paralyzed 6 year-old girl


The 6 year-old child was paralyzed from the neck down after falling and injuring her neck, but an incredible group of specialists who were gathered at Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem managed to restore function to her hands and legs, allowing young Ruth Rosenthal to walk & play again.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Six-year-old Ruthie Rosenthal, who suffered from paralysis after she fell and injured her neck, has managed to get back up and walking.

Ruthie, a smiling, happy, Down’s Syndrome child, fell about a year ago and as a result, her hands and legs were paralyzed and she was forced to use a wheelchair, according to a report in Israel Hayom.

Continue Reading »

A Facebook request connects Israeli charity with Afghan toddler with heart defect


Having depleted their small savings of $200 on medical bills, Zaheer’s Facebook friend contacted the Israeli charity Save a Child’s Heart, since the surgery would have cost the family living in Pakistan $7000.

By i24news


A 14-month old Afghan boy named Yehia arrived in Israel late last month to receive lifesaving heart surgery, a happy ending to a long journey that started with a Facebook message, The New York Times reports.

Surgeons – File photo: AFP

The surgery would have cost the family now living in Peshawar, Pakistan $7,000, but the Israeli charity Save a Child’s Heart (SACH), who focuses on helping children with heart disease in under-developed countries where they cannot receive adequate care, stepped in to help. Continue Reading »

Mazel Tov! 60 yr-old woman gives birth to first child in central Israel

This morning at the Kaplan Medical Center, a 60-year-old woman gave birth to a healthy and strong baby girl, during a successful delivery fraught with challenges.

By Tal Polon


A 60-year-old woman has given birth at the Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot to a healthy baby girl, Channel 10 reported this morning (Tuesday). The girl weighed 2.2 kilograms (4.8 pounds).

Newborn delivery (illustrative) – Reuters

Dr. Yael Naaman, one of the doctors who oversaw the birth, noted that “the baby was born healthy and strong, and has been passed to a child specialist for further treatment.”

The labor, however, was fraught with challenges. Continue Reading »

Abbas’ brother from Qatar, newest antagonist to choose/prefer Israeli hospital


Following in the footsteps of other Abbas family members….as well as Hamas family members, PA chair’s brother, who lives in Qatar, also chooses to receive his medical treatment in an Israeli hospital.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Even as Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas continues to attack Israel and incite terrorism, his brother Abu Luay chose to receive treatment at none other than an Israeli hospital.

Medical students at Hadera’s Hillel Yaffe hospital

Abbas’ brother was hospitalized at Assuta Medical Center in northern Tel Aviv, as Yedioth Aharonoth exposed on Wednesday morning.

Abu Luay, who lives in Qatar, came down with cancer. He decided specifically to come to the Tel Aviv hospital for treatment, where other family members of Abbas have been treated in the past. Continue Reading »

Bahraini princess chooses Israeli hospital over American to save her life


According to Deputy Minister Ayoub Kara, the unnamed Bahraini princess believed that Israel offered the best chances for her full recuperation.

By Hillel Fendel


A princess from the Islamic country of Bahrain chose to receive life-saving treatment in Israel – and as a result, years later, Deputy Minister for Regional Cooperation Ayoub Kara has now been invited to pay a diplomatic visit to the kingdom.

Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa  (file) – Reuters

Kara, a Likud MK of the Druze community, told Arutz Sheva Tuesday that he cannot name the princess, nor when she came to Israel. However, other sources stated it occurred in Haifa’s Rambam Hospital in 2010.
Continue Reading »

Israeli Doctors Fly to Kyrgyzstan and Restore Sight to 90 Patients in ‘Eye From Zion’ Initiative


A Jewish volunteer delegation of Israeli medical professionals traveled to Kyrgyzstan and restored the eyesight of 90 adults & children while instructing the local doctors & support teams on their medical techniques.

By Maytal Yasur Beit-Or


A group of doctors from Israel restored the eyesight of 90 adults and children in Kyrgyzstan earlier this month in an ambitious endeavor undertaken by the Eye from Zion organization.

A team of Eye from Zion volunteers operate on a patient – Photo: Eye from Zion

Eye from Zion is a volunteer Israeli-Jewish group established to provide medical treatment to underprivileged populations around the world. Continue Reading »

2 wounded UN peacekeepers from errant mortar strike inside Syria treated in Israel

In apparent spillover from ongoing civil war, 2 wounded UNDOF peacekeepers stationed in Quneitra, a man & a woman from Nepal, were sent to an Israeli hospital for treatment.

By Danny Brenner, Lilach Shoval, Israel Hayom Staff & Reuters


Two United Nations peacekeepers stationed on the Israel-Syria border in the Golan Heights were wounded on Monday when a mortar shell struck their position in Quneitra.

A wounded U.N. peacekeeper is treated at Ziv Medical Center in Safed, Monday – Photo: Ziv Medical Center

It is believed the mortar fire was spillover from the ongoing civil war inside Syria.

The wounded peacekeepers, a man and a woman from Nepal, were transported to an Israeli hospital for medical treatment. Continue Reading »