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Israel, Germany discuss sale of advanced Dolphin-class submarines


Israel Navy has reached out to Germany about the possible purchase of three new, more advanced and larger Dolphin-class submarines to be delivered in the next decade.



Israel is seeking to buy three more advanced submarines from Germany at a combined price of 1.2 billion Euros ($1.3 billion), reported Maarivon Friday.

Israel navy Dolphine class – Photo courtesy: IDF

The Maariv daily said that a deal due to be signed on November 7 aims to replace the oldest vessels in its existing Dolphin fleet, which began entering service in 1999.

German government spokesman Georg Streiter told AFP that Israel is considering buying new submarines to replace its existing fleet “from 2027 on.” Continue Reading »

Photo Essay: 48 years after the Israeli Dolphin class submarine Dakar sank

A former Dakar crew member describes what it was like to search for the sunken submarine after he was ordered to return on a different sub from Portsmouth to Haifa, the journey the Dakar never finished.

By Yoav Zitun


It’s been almost 50 years since the Israeli Dolphin class submarine Dakar sank in the waters off of Crete. Now, new color pictures are being released of the crew and of the submarine – the last pictures of these young men before their submarine sank to the bottom of the sea, never to surface again.

The Dakar – Photo: Association of Former Dolphin Submariners

A short video of the sailors and the submarine has been gathering dust in the house of one of the submariners’ widows, Bat Sheva Tal.

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Israel Navy engineers made the next Sa’ar 6 missile ship stealthy


Since the newest Sa’ar 6 missile corvettes will have to deal with Hezbollah’s radar-guided shore-to-sea missiles, engineers redesigned it with a low radar signature.



When German engineers from ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, who are building Israel’s next-generation Sa’ar-6 class missile corvette, showed Israel Navy engineers the first blueprints for the strategically vital vessel, the Israelis realized there was a problem.

Israel IDF Navy anti-missile systems Eilat Class Sa’ar Corvette with helicopter on helipad

The plans outlined a ship based on Germany’s own sea platforms, and was similar in design. Yet Israel must deal with a far more challenging environment, in which Hezbollah is stockpiling radar-guided shore-to-sea missiles that can target the navy, offshore gas drilling rigs in the Mediterranean and strategically vital sites, such as civilian sea ports – just the type of threat the Sa’ar-6 will be designed to counter. Continue Reading »

Israel Navy successful in live-fire interception test of ‘Naval Iron Dome’


The Tamir interceptor system was designed to protect and defend Israeli economic assets at sea, such as its offshore natural-gas rigs.

By i24news


The IDF has conducted a successful live-fire interception test of its Tamir weapons system, which it describes as a “sea-borne Iron Dome”.

Successful live-fire test of its Tamir navel weapons system, which it describes as a ‘sea-borne Iron Dome’. – Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

The system can be installed aboard navy vessels and is intended to protect Israeli economic assets at sea, including gas rigs.

The test was conducted a few weeks ago from aboard the INS Lahav naval vessel, with a number of test rockets fired from onshore and successfully intercepted by the Tamir interceptor, which works in tandem with Adir radar systems. Continue Reading »

Photo Essay: Israel Navy participates in Noble Dina 2016 Joint Exercise with US, Greece


Israeli rescue helicopters, missile boats, swiftboats, patrol boats, along with para-rescue soldiers from the IDF’s elite 669 unit with search & rescue vessels took part in the joint naval drill held at the NATO facility in the Greek islands.

By Yoav Zitun


A joint training exercise between the US, Greek and Israeli navies held at a NATO facility in the Greek islands has recently concluded.

The drill included several training missions, with Israeli missile boats, patrol boats, swiftboats, rescue helicopters with para-rescue soldiers from the elite 669 unit, and search and rescue vessels all took part in the exercise. Continue Reading »

Israel arrests phony-fisherman who’s Hamas arms smuggler


Cleared for publication: Spurious fisherman caught after his boat sailed outside the permitted area for Gaza’s fishermen, revealed during questioning details of his involvement in a Hamas smuggling operation.

By i24news


A joint Shin Bet, Israeli navy and Israel Police operation led to the arrest in April 2016 of a smuggler linked with Hamas, it was cleared for publication on Monday.

Palestinian Hamas militants take part in a 2015 anti-Israeli protest in the southern Gaza Strip town of Khan Younis (file) – Photo: SAID KHATIB /AFP

Salim Jamal Hassan Naaman, a 39-year-old resident of the Shati refugee camp in Gaza, was arrested by Israeli naval forces after his boat sailed outside the permitted area for Gazan fisherman, according to a Shin Bet statement.

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Israeli Navy sinks smuggling vessel off of Gaza’s coast


Before Israel’s Navy destroyed the suspicious smuggling vessel, the crew threw the contents of the boat overboard, then jumped into the sea.



Israel’s Navy sunk a suspected smuggling boat that was approaching the coast of the Gaza Strip overnight on Saturday, an army spokesperson said.

Archive photos of Navy Squadron 916 – Photo By: IDF SPOKESMAN’S UNIT

The IDF spotted a suspicious fishing boat loaded with sacs approaching Gaza from the direction of Egypt and called for the vessel to stop. The IDF fired warning shots in the air and in the water but the boat continued on its course. Continue Reading »

Israeli warships armed with Iron Dome anti-missile system will protect gas reserves at sea

Israel’s “Sa’ar 5” warships already equipped with the Barak 1 missile defense system, will incorporate the Iron Dome as well, until new warships reached in a deal with Germany arrive in 2019.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) will install its successful Iron Dome missile defence system on warships protecting Israel’s off-shore gas drilling platforms, a temporary measure until new warships acquired in a deal with Germany arrive.

The Iron Dome missile defense system, protecting Israel’s cities from Palestinian rocket attacks. – Photo: Twitter

Israel has huge and mostly untapped gas fields that cover some 23,000 square km (9,000 square miles) of sea, more than Israel’s territory on land.

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WATCH: IDF holds first-ever joint Israel-Italy submarine rescue exercise


view video clip belowWATCH: Becoming one of the few navies to ever carry out such an underwater operation, the Israeli navy holds special rescue & medical exercises with their Italian counterparts in order to perfect extricating the crew safely from a sunken submarine.

By Yoav Zitun


An Israeli Navy submarine crew took part in an exercise last week, which simulated the rescue of a sunken submarine on the high seas. This type of exercise is rare among navies, and the first of its kind in Israel.

Israeli Navy in exercises with the Italian navy – Photo: IDF spokesperson

The drill, held off the coast of Atlit, was conducted with the special cooperation of the Italian navy – one of the few in the world that maintains the ability to extract a sunken submarine’s crew. Continue Reading »

Watch: How Israeli Naval Commandos Protect & Defend Vital Natural Gas Rigs


view videoIn a recent off-shore exercise, Israel’s elite naval forces drilled its troops’ response to a developing & very real underwater incursion threat posed by Hamas & Hezbollah.

By Yoav Zitun


The Israeli Navy on Wednesday revealed a series of exercises and experiments conducted this year aimed at improving reactions to nascent threats. The exercises included one simulating incursion and another simulating rocket fire at oil rigs off Israel’s coast.

The scenario in which seaborne terrorists make an incursion into Israel’s northernmost coastal region, between Rosh Hanikra and Nahariya, is grounded in reality; a similar attempt took place during last summer’s Operation Protective Edge, in which Hamas frogmen disembarked on a southern shore. Continue Reading »

Israeli navy engineers in Germany suggesting improvement with warship capabilities


According to the Israeli plan, the electrical systems and the hull of the German-made corvette warships will be built at the shipyard, while the combat systems will be installed once the ships are delivered, by 2020.

By i24news


Israel has huge and mostly untapped gas fields that cover some 23,000 square km (9,000 square miles) of sea — more than Israel’s territory on land.

Israeli planners see possible sea-borne or rocket threats to gas facilities from Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon and Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip, making expanding the naval presence a priority for them.

Leviathan gas field in Israel – Photo: AFP

Israel’s navy chief, Admiral Ram Rotberg, said in a separate statement that the corvettes would be classed as “Saar 6″ missile boats — suggesting a major improvement in capabilities. Continue Reading »

Flotilla Fizzle: Israel Navy intercepts & seizes ‘Marianne’ on way to Gaza

It’s over. The so-called Freedom Flotilla III flopped. The Swedish Marianne of Gothenburg, attempting to reach Gaza, has been seized & was escorted by Navy vessels to Israel’s southern port of Ashdod.

By i24news


Israeli Navy fighters have taken over the Swedish Marianne of Gothenburg, which was on an aid mission to reach Gaza shores and escorted the vessel to Israel’s southern port of Ashdod, iDF spokesperson said early Monday morning. There were no injuries reported.

http://new.israelandstuff.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/The-fishing-trawler-Marianne-of-Gothenburg-Google-photos.pngThe fishing trawler, Marianne of Gothenburg – Google photos

“IDF says has intercepted and captured Marianne,” the organizers tweeted.

Earlier the organizers of the aid flotilla said that tree of the four vessels headed back to their ports of origin. Continue Reading »

Israel Navy watching Gaza-bound flotilla set to sail from Italy

A senior Islamic Jihad leader said his organization would end truce with Israel if the navy intercepted the flotilla, however security sources did not express particular concern over the threat.

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Haredi soldiers to begin serving in naval combat roles

Israeli Navy seeks to promote ultra-Orthodox soldiers in security missions along maritime borders, and expand the soldiers’ service  beyond auxiliary roles, IDF official says.

By Lilach Shoval


Ultra-Orthodox soldiers will soon be assigned to Israeli Navy combat units, Israel Hayom learned Monday.

An Israeli Navy Dvora-class patrol boat – Photo: KOKO

The decision was made by the Israel Defense Forces Personnel Directorate, following an initiative by the Naval Headquarters’ Personnel Division, which hopes to expand haredi soldiers’ service in the corps beyond auxiliary roles.

The military plans to present the initiative to rabbis in the coming weeks, with hopes of seeing it realized by the end of 2015. Continue Reading »

Video + Photo Album: Israel’s Navy Patrol Boat Squad

An up close view of the #914 Patrol Boat Squad of the IDF’s Navy.

By Yissachar Ruas


Haifa Navy Base. It’s just another standard day in the #914 Patrol Boat Squad, where various types of weapons are laid out for inspection after having been thoroughly oiled and cleaned.

After inspection, all weapons are reassembled and mounted on to the “Dvora” class patrol boat #814 which, as goes with an old Navy tradition, has the un-complimenting name – “The Monsters”.

#814 is leaving the harbor with the Commander of the #914 Patrol Boat Squad – Captain Yishai Cohen.  Cohen studied at the Kfar HaRoe Yeshiva High School before graduating from the Navy’s Academy. Continue Reading »