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Cleared for publication: Israeli who fought ISIS charged abroad with murder


It was cleared for publication today (Tuesday) that 18 months ago a 22 yr-old male Israeli who was fighting ISIS in a foreign country was charged with murder, in a country that has no diplomatic relations with Israel.

By Itamar Eichner


Details emerged from a top secret case involving a 22-year-old Israeli who had been fighting abroad against ISIS before being arrested in June 2015 and charged with murder in a country with which Israel has no diplomatic relations, it was cleared for publication Tuesday morning.

Ben Hasin – Photo: Israel TV2 News

The case was exposed approximately 2 months ago by MK Ayoob Kara, who then served as a deputy minister, and was immediately barred from public consumption by the Military Censor. Continue Reading »

Jordanian Army’s Chief of Staff: ISIS unit in Syrian Golan have anti-aircraft missiles


In a BBC interview, head of the Jordanian army says ISIS unit in Syria’s Golan Heights, near the Jordanian border, may have possession of American anti-aircraft missiles.

By Chana Roberts


Jordanian Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mahmoud Freihat warned in an interview with BBC on Saturday that  fighters have anti-aircraft missiles.

In the interview, which was given in Arabic, Freihat referred specifically to the Syria-Jordan-Israel border, near the Golan Heights area.

Iron Dome anti-missile system – Israel Air Force

Photo credit – Israel Air Force

“This faction is a constant and close threat to Jordan. Some of the areas its fighters are in are a kilometer away from the border,” he said. Continue Reading »

Israel Air Force engage ISIS forces in Syria, killing 4, destroying terrorist’s vehicle and ordnance


Prior to the IAF’s engagement, Israeli ground forces in the southern Golan Heights return fire after receiving shots and mortar shell emanating from ISIS-linked cell operating in Syria.



The Israeli Air Force struck and killed a cell of terrorists affiliated with the Islamic State group in Syria after shots were fired across the border at military forces in the Golan Heights on Sunday morning, according to an IDF statement.

In the first clashes between the IDF and an IS-linked group, the Israeli air force allegedly struck four operatives from the ISIS-linked Khalid ibn al-Walid Army (formerly known as Yarmouk Martyrs’ Brigade) who had initially opened fire at IDF forces in the southern Golan Heights at around 8:30am, east of the community of Avnei Eitan. Continue Reading »

Israel Security Services arrests 3 Arab Israelis for trying to join ISIS


Following IDF forces’ discovery of a tunnel between the West Bank and Israel proper, intended for smuggling weapons to carry out attacks, the 3 Israeli-Arabs were arrested.
– 2 of the arrested Arab males had previously attempted to enter Syria to join ISIS.

By Gilad Morag


Three Israeli-Arabs from Taybe were arrested in September on suspicion of supporting ISIS in a joint operation between the Israel Police and the Shin Bet.

2 of the three, Ibrahim Yusuf and Amir Jabara - Israel Security Services

2 of the three, Ibrahim Yusuf and Amir Jabara – Israel Security Services

Amongst other things, members of the group are suspected of trying to set fire to the local soccer stadium in order to prevent a concert scheduled for Eid al-Adha during a performance by one of the winners of Arab Idol which was to occur in Taybe. Continue Reading »

IDF Preparing for Highly Likely ISIS Sinai Attack


Knowing ISIS has amassed a considerable terrorist force in Egypt’s Sinai, Israel’s defense establishment is certain it will inevitably attack the Jewish state, so the IDF has taken steps to neutralize any such surprises.

By Israel Today Staff


Recent violence in the Sinai Peninsula is raising a lot of questions in Israel’s defense establishment. Most notably, there is growing concern that the thousands of ISIS terrorists currently operating there against the Egyptian army could attack southern Israel.

Hamas = ISIS

Attacks on southern Israel from the Sinai are not unprecedented. Just five years ago, Sinai-based terrorists launched a multi-pronged attack on the main highway leading to the southern resort town of Eilat. Continue Reading »

Jewish woman escapes Iraq before Muslim husband sold her to ISIS


Iraqi Jewish woman reunites with her family in Israel after previously-secular husband threatened to sell her to Islamic terror group if she doesn’t convert.

Arutz Sheva Staff,


Liza – Israel TV2 Screenshot

A Jewish woman was reunited this week with her family in the town of Patish in southern Israel after she fled northern Iraq, following threats by her husband to sell her into slavery with the ISIS terror organization.

According to a report by Channel 2, the woman, a member of the Avrahami family, was married to a previously secular Muslim man, who had recently embraced a radical form of Islam – and demanded she do the same. Continue Reading »

Israeli company of ex-IDF intel officers hack ISIS, reveal list of terror targets

After hacking the encrypted site, the Israeli company named “Insights” published a list of potential targets that they had gotten off ISIS’s messaging group.

By Shai Landesman


An Israeli company has hacked into ISIS secret online messaging group “telegram”, and has revealed lists of potential targets for attacks planned by the terror group, Channel 10 News reported.

Cyber hackers – Illustrative Photo: REUTERS

Only 500 people worldwide are members of the secret group, and new members are only accepted by recommendation by one of the existing ones. Potential targets for terror attacks are frequently posted on the group, with the intention of moving one of the members to plan an attack in these locations. Continue Reading »

IsraAID joins Yazidi refugees for memorial ceremony on anniversary of genocide


IsraAID, which operates in refugee camps all over Europe providing psychosocial assistance and humanitarian aid, joined over 1500 Yazidi refugees in Greece to commemorate the beginning of the genocide against them at the hands of ISIS.

By Eitan Goldstein


IsraAID staff joined 1500 Yazidi refugees as they lit candles and marched though Camp Petra refugee camp in northern Greece, in memory of the Yazidi genocide which began on August 3rd 2014. when ISIS entered the town of Sinjar, killing thousands, and turning thousands of women and girls into sex slaves.

The Yazidi were singing songs and crying as they mentioned the names of those who were brutally massacred, still missing, or captive.

Continue Reading »

WATCH Iraqi cleric: ‘Netanyahu, gives orders to ISIS, rulers of America, Europe’


view videoIn a TV interview translated by MEMRI, Sunni cleric Sheikh Ahmad Al-Kubeisi said Netanyahu “holds the remote control” and “gives orders to all the rulers of America, Europe, and elsewhere.”



A prominent Iraqi cleric has accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of being the driving force behind the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group.

In a recent TV interview translated by MEMRI, Sunni cleric Sheikh Ahmad Al-Kubeisi said that ISIS was an asset in the hands of Netanyahu, who “holds the remote control” and “gives orders to all the rulers of America, Europe, and elsewhere.”

He also said that the Jews are the masters of the land today and that none of the ISIS fighters “are even circumcised.” Continue Reading »

Who would have believed? – Israel, Egypt & Hamas, together against ISIS in Sinai


Last week, Hamas deployed 300 hundred combatants along the Gaza-Sinai border, working with Egypt to prevent ISIS terrorists from breaching into coastal enclave.



Israel, Hamas, and Egypt have aligned their strategies and formed an unlikely alliance against the Islamic State in Sinai, who are planning increasingly sophisticated and daring attacks in the region, The Washington Post reported on Sunday.

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ISIS Attacks on Vatican & Israeli Embassy in Rome Foiled by Italian Security Forces


Italian authorities successfully thwarted an ISIS attack on the Israeli Embassy in Rome & the Vatican, but 2 members of the cell have left Italy & entered ISIS controlled territory.

By Associated Press


Arrest warrants were issued for six people affiliated with ISIS on Thursday evening, four of which planned to attack the Israeli Embassy in Rome and the Vatican.

Two of the Muslim terrorists who planned to carry out an attack on the Israeli Embassy in Rome – Photo: EPA

Milan prosecutor Maurizio Romanelli told reporters that investigators intercepted communications from within ISIS held territory ordering attacks in Italy, “with particular attention to the city of Rome” and focusing on the Holy Year pilgrimage now underway. Continue Reading »

Report: ISIS may use chemical weapons in Golan against Israel


According to a TV10 report, the Yarmouk Martyrs’ Brigade, identified with ISIS and operates in the southern Syrian Golan, may attempt to test-fire artillery or mortar shells with chemical agents attached.

By i24news


Israel’s security apparatus is concerned that an Islamic State branch located on the other side of its border with Syria may have acquired chemical weapons and could be planning to test them, according to a Channel 10 report aired Tuesday evening.

Former IDF Intel Chief Amos Yadlin on the… by i24news-en
The Yarmouk Martyr’s Brigade is identified with IS and operates in the southern Syrian Golan. Continue Reading »

IDF general admits Israel assisting Arab allies fight ISIS


Speaking to Foreign Press Association in Jerusalem, Maj. Gen. Yair Golan, revealed for the first time, that the IDF was providing intelligence assistance to Egypt & Jordan in their fight against ISIS.

By Reuters


“Israel provides Jordan and Egypt with intelligence assistance in their fight against ISIS,” the IDF deputy chief of staff, Maj. Gen. Yair Golan, said on Wednesday, describing the US backed Arab neighbors as stable despite the insurgent threat.

Jordanian soldiers – Photo: EPA

Egypt made peace with Israel in 1979, followed by Jordan in 1994. They are the only Arab countries to have treaties with Israel, a matter unpopular with many Egyptians and Jordanians and which generally keeps Amman and Cairo quiet about the ties.  Continue Reading »

How could a genocide happen in the 21st century while the world is watching?


Kurdish and Yazidi delegation in Jerusalem visits Yad Vashem and sees the horrible parallels with persecution by ISIS.



The black-and-white images at one display at Yad Vashem’s Holocaust museum in Jerusalem show women survivors of the Volary death march who married and raised families.

The guide emphasized the desire to continue living that survivors had in the wake of the Nazi genocide, even as they lived crammed into displaced persons’ camps after the war.

Some of the members of the Yazidi and Kurdish delegation at Yad Vashem -photo: SETH J. FRANTZMAN

Some of the members of the Yazidi and Kurdish delegation at Yad Vashem on Sunday unfurl a Kurdish flag at the entrance.

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German journalist reports ISIS fears only Israeli soldiers


After spending 10 days in Islamic State-dominated areas, German journalist Jurgen Todenhofer says ISIS doesn’t fear Western soldiers because of their lack of experience in guerrilla warfare, but definitely fears the IDF.

By Daniel Siryoti, Eli Leon, Reuters & Israel Hayom Staff


“The only country ISIS [Islamic State] fears is Israel,” German journalist Jurgen Todenhofer said in an interview with the British Jewish News after spending 10 days in Islamic State territories in Iraq and Syria.

A member of the Iraqi security forces holds an Iraqi flag in the city of Ramadi, Dec. 27 – Photo: Reuters

The German reporter and former member of the German parliament is the only Western journalist to have been granted access to areas ruled by the extremist group.
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