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IDF contradicts UNIFIL General as Amb. Nikki Haley visits Israel’s border w/Lebanon


When Head of UN Interim Force in Lebanon explained to Amb. Nikki Haley how southern Lebanon was relatively calm, IDF chief pointed out UN’s restrictions & ‘blinders’ lead them into false security about Lebanon and Hezbollah, exposing shortcomings and disagreements about UNIFIL’s role & responsibilities.



US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley was exposed to an unusual dispute between the IDF and the UN regarding the security state at Israel’s northern border while she visited the area during her stay in the Jewish state last week, Channel 2 reported on Sunday evening.

While the US envoy received an official briefing at Israel’s border with Hezbollah, Maj-Gen. Continue Reading »

Lebanon PM Hariri asks UN to mediate end to “continuous violations” by Israel


PM Hariri, “I urge the UN secretary general to support efforts to secure, as soon as possible, a state of permanent ceasefire. This is long overdue and my government is committed to move this agenda forward.”



Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri asked the United Nations on Friday to help Lebanon and Israel move towards a permanent ceasefire and end what he called Israel’s “continuous violations” of Lebanese territory.

Israel and Lebanon’s Shi’ite Hezbollah group fought a month-long war in 2006 that concluded with a cessation of hostilities but without a formal peace deal.

From top to bottom: Snow capped Mt Herman, the Golan Heights, with Har Dov (center) and Shabba farms on its left (Underneath the snow capped mountain tops) with Kfar Ghjar village below.

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Hezbollah officer tells reporters Israel boosting its border defenses


As tensions rise along the Lebanese border with Israel, the Shiite terrorist group claims the IDF is fortifying its border for the next conflict.



Lebanon’s Hezbollah sought Thursday to show that Israel is building up defences in anticipation of another conflict, after a string of statements from Israeli officials warning of a potential confrontation.

The powerful Shiite group, which fought a devastating war with the Jewish state in 2006, brought dozens of journalists on a rare and highly-choreographed trip to the demarcation line between Lebanon and Israel.

“This tour is to show the defensive measures that the enemy is taking,” said Hezbollah spokesman Mohamed Afif, on a hilltop along the so-called Blue Line. Continue Reading »

IDF tanks shells Hamas outpost in retaliation after two shooting incidents on Tuesday


An IDF tank retaliates and fires at a Hamas position in Gaza; no IDF forces injured after reporting shots fired at them along the border with Gaza.
– Gun fire was also reported on Tuesday by IDF forces along the Lebanese border near Metula in the Upper Galilee; no injuries or damage were reported.

By Ynet reporters


An IDF tank shelled a Hamas outpost in the center of the Gaza Strip on Tuesday in retaliation for two incidents of shooting at IDF forces earlier in the day.

No soldiers were injured and no damage was reported in the shooting, which took place towards soldiers along the border of the strip with Re’im, a nearby kibbutz. Continue Reading »

IDF fortifies defenses on northern border with Lebanon


The IDF has begun fortifying its northern border defense by installing new fences/walls, adding more obstacles and reinforcing existing infrastructure in preparation for a possible ‘Third Lebanon War’, in which Hezbollah fighters may attempt to infiltrate into Israel.

By Yoav Zitun


Wednesday’s cross-border shooting incident, which is still being investigated by the Northern Command as an attack by another terrorist group, has exposed one of Israel’s weak points in a sensitive sector, the border line separating roads, orchards and Israeli settlements, mainly in the Galilee panhandle.

IDF patrols Israel's border with Lebanon - Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

IDF patrols Israel’s border with Lebanon – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

The IDF believes that Hezbollah will seek to exploit this weak point and attempt to infiltrate its Radwan special forces troops into Israeli territory in the next Lebanon war.

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IDF soldier wounded as patrol comes under fire from Lebanon



BREAKING: IDF soldier wounded by Lebanese gunfire in unprovoked attack along Israel’s border with Lebanon.

By David Rosenberg


An Israeli soldier was wounded by gunfire along the Lebanese border on Wednesday, and IDF spokesperson said.

IDF medic aiding injured soldier - Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

IDF medic aiding injured soldier – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

“Shots were fired towards [IDF] forces on the border with Lebanon near Metullah, injuring a soldier,” a statement issued by the IDF read.

The circumstances surrounding the shooting are unclear and no further details are currently available.



View original Arutz Sheva publication at:

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IOC reprimands Lebanese Olympic team for refusing to allow Israelis on bus





The head of the Lebanese Olympic delegation was reprimanded by the International Olympic Committee on Sunday after refusing to let the Israeli delegation board a bus the two teams were supposed to share.


Israeli delegation at Rio olympics. – Photo: REUTERS

As a result, according to the original Facebook post by Israeli sailing coach Udi Gal, event organizers tried to scatter the Israeli athletes on several different buses. He called this “unacceptable for security and representative reasons.”

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Blunder of epic proportions? Lebanon Army Day ad uses IDF soldiers as ‘good guys’ on Facebook


Finger-pointing, condemnations, and embarrassments follows an unforgivable gaffe when a social media post inadvertently uses photo of I.D.F. soldier in a celebration of Lebanese Army Day.

By Israel Hayom Staff


In an embarrassing gaffe, a Lebanese advertising company featured an image of an Israeli solider in a post commemorating Lebanon’s Army Day.

The original post commemorating Lebanon’s Army Day with an image of an IDF soldier  – Photo: Screenshot from Facebook

According to a report on the Walla news site, Virgin Ticketing Box-Office sparked a social media firestorm Monday, after an ad posted on its official Facebook page featured the image of an Israeli soldier, with the following caption: “Always keep your eyes on us, hero.” Continue Reading »

IDF intel chief: Next Hezbollah war will turn Lebanon into another refugee state


Maj.-Gen. Herzi Halevi, speaking at the annual security conference noted that, “In the next wars, the majority of weapons that will attack Israel will be Iranian products,” suggesting Israel will need to escalate in its defense.



Lebanon will become a “state of refugees” from which it will be difficult to recover if there is another war between Israel and Hezbollah, a senior IDF intelligence general said Wednesday.

Military Intelligence, Maj.-Gen. Herzi Halevi speaking at 16th annual Herzliya Conference. – Photo: ADI COHEN ZEDEK

“The situation in the next conflict will be completely different. We are stronger than we have ever been and are able to deal with any threat,” said the head of IDF Military Intelligence, Maj.-Gen. Continue Reading »

Hezbollah’s TV reports of another Israeli spying device on the border


Hezbollah’s TV channel reports finding a spy device with photographic and transmission capabilities near the border, not far from a Lebanese airstrip & army post in the village of Markaba.

By Roi Kais


Hezbollah’s al-Manar TV station reported on Tuesday that a transmission and photographic spy device was discovered on the Israel-Lebanon border, which the station said belonged to Israel.

‘Israeli spying device’ found in Lebanon in December

According to the report, the device was found near the Blue Line and not far from a Lebanese army post and airstrip in the village of Markaba.

Hezbollah’s official website accused Israel of “violating Lebanese sovereignty after planting spying and photographic devices east of the village of Markaba in southern Lebanon.” Continue Reading »

Hezbollah Reports Israel Exploded Covert Listening Devise Embedded In Southern Lebanon


Al-Manar, the militant Islamic organization’s news station, claims that 2 large explosives were remotely detonated in order to destroy an Israeli electronic monitoring device in the Marge Ayoun region of southern Lebanon.

By Roi Kais


Hezbollah’s Al-Manar news station claimed on Tuesday that Israel exploded a surveillance device in southern Lebanon’s Marge Ayoun region recently, using two different demolition charges while work was being done on a nearby road.

The alleged listening device.

According to the Lebanese TV channel Al Mayadeen, the device exploded and wounded two people. Lebanon’s official news agency also reported that the device’s explosion lightly wounded two civilians. Continue Reading »

Israel: War with Hezbollah is a matter of ‘when’ – not ‘if’





Israel defense chiefs understand that the next military conflict in the North will be the most onerous Israel has ever known.



The State of Israel has already seen quite a number of wars on each of its fronts, yet after years in which its wars were against states across defined frontiers, today it is dealing with circumstances that are as complex as they have ever been.

Lebanon’s Hezbollah members carry Hezbollah flags during the funeral of Adnan Siblini, who was killed while fighting in Syria. – Photo: REUTERS

The State of Israel has already seen quite a number of wars on each of its fronts, yet after years in which its wars were against states across defined frontiers, today it is dealing with circumstances that are as complex as they have ever been. Continue Reading »

Guinness Book of Records Officials Boycott Israel Using Bogus Excuse

In the ongoing Hummus saga between Israel & Lebanon, an Israeli filmmaker who planned to prepare the world’s biggest bowl of hummus received a letter from UK Guinness saying it would be ‘too dangerous’ to send over a representative. 

By Israel News


“It was the last thing I expected,” Israeli filmmaker Oren Rosenfeld said Sunday in response to the Guinness World Records’ decision not to send a judge to Israel to examine a record he wanted to break. 

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 17.27.00

Lebanese chefs celebrate around the Largest hummus plate – Photo: AFP

Rosenfeld, who is in the final stages of editing his film “Hummus,” had planned to prepare the biggest bowl of hummus in history.  Continue Reading »

IDF: Israel Will Evacuate a Million Lebanese to ‘Unsheild’ Hezbollah in Event of War

IDF source says new strategy made to undermine Shiite terror group’s ability to exploit Lebanese civilians as human shields.

By i24news


The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) would evacuate over a million civilians from southern Lebanon should a new war with Hezbollah erupt, the Jerusalem Post reported Thursday, citing a senior military source.

Israeli troops on Golan Heights (i24news )

In the event of large-scale Hezbollah rocket and missile attacks on Israeli, the IDF would proceed with mass evacuations within 24 hours before conducting aerial strikes and a ground offensive, the source said.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Israel would use this new strategy to counter the Shiite Islamist group’s battle doctrine of using civilian areas as military bases. Continue Reading »

REPORT: Israel Air Force attacked Lebanon


According to reports from Lebanon, IAF attacked 2 targets leaving a number injured in the mountain rages of Jatamansi Arsel near the Lebanese-Syrian border.

By Rachel Avraham


Lebanese media outlets reported that IDF battle planes attacked today twice in the mountain rages of Jatamansi Arsel near the Lebanese Syrian border.

Photo: Reuters/Channel 2

According to the reports, a number were injured in the incident.  There is no confirmation for this incident from an Israeli source.


View original Jerusalem Online publication at: http://www.jerusalemonline.com/news/middle-east/israel-and-the-middle-east/report-idf-battle-planes-attack-lebanon-13791

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