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Anti-Semitic, pro-BDS Ilhan Omar charged with fraud, perjury in ethics complaint

A complaint with the House of Representatives Office of Congressional Ethics against Rep. Ilhan Omar (Min D) has been filed by an American conservative activist group, on charges of immigration fraud, federal tax fraud, marriage fraud and numerous counts of perjury. 

By David Rosenberg


A conservative watchdog group has filed a formal complaint against Minnesota congresswoman Ilhan Omar, accusing her of multiple counts of fraud and perjury.

Judicial Watch announced Tuesday evening that it has filed a complaint with the House of Representatives Office of Congressional Ethics, and is calling for a full investigation of Rep. Omar.

‘Birds of a Feather’ – Radical Islamist Linda Sarsour (L) and Ilhan Abdullahi Omar (R), a Somali-American Congresswoman from Minnesota.

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Apprehended 14 Yr-Old Palestinian Suicide Bomber Wants Arabs to Live in Peace

As a 14 yr-old youth who was brought up to hate and kill Jews, Hussam Abdu was seduced by a Palestinian terror group to wear a suicide vest “for 100 shekels [then $22] and a promise of sex.”

By David Lazarus


On March 24, 2004, a 14-year-old Palestinian youth ran toward a group of Israeli soldiers at a checkpoint near Nablus with an explosive suicide belt weighing 8 kg (17.6 lbs) holding the ignition switch in his shaking hand. Just meters from the soldiers of the 202 Paratroopers’ Battalion, the boy suddenly stopped, stood still frightened and raised his hands in surrender under the watchful eyes of numerous IDF snipers. Continue Reading »

Palestinians honor terrorist who massacred 38, 13 were children

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, said the decision to honor the mass-murderer of Jews, Dalal Mughrabi, was justified since she is a “symbol for the humanistic struggle” against Israel.
– Netanyahu’s spokesperson: “there’s nothing humanistic about you, or her.”



Fatah, the party of PA President Mahmoud Abbas, said that the decision to name a summer camp after Dalal Mughrabi is justified since she is a “symbol for the humanistic struggle” against Israel.

Mughrabi was killed in 1978 after she led eleven Palestinian and Lebanese militants in a killing and hijacking spree within Israel that claimed the lives of 38 Israelis, 13 of them children. Continue Reading »

US cancels Turkey’s F-35 program agreement

Washington explicitly voiced its disagreement with Turkey’s acquisition of Russia’s S-400 missile defense system while also having American F-35s in the region, since it would allow Moscow to gain too much inside information about the stealth systems, a condition deemed impermissible by the Pentagon.

By Elad Benari


The United States announced on Wednesday that it was removing Turkey from the F-35 fighter jet program in the wake of Ankara accepting the delivery of the S-400 advanced Russian missile defense system last week.

The first parts of the S-400 air defense system were flown to the Murted military air base northwest of Ankara on Friday, sealing Turkey’s deal with Russia, which Washington had struggled for months to prevent. Continue Reading »

IDF identifies Iranian engineer commanding Hezbollah precision missile project


Israel’s i24NEWS exposes the Iranian engineer commanding Hezbollah precision missile project in Lebanon as Majed Naveed and reported that Israel estimates the Iranian-backed Hezbollah terror organization possesses an arsenal of 100,000 to 150,000 rockets.

By i24NEWS


The Iranian Revolutionary Guards engineer commanding Hezbollah’s precision missile project in Lebanon has been identified exclusively by i24NEWS as Majed Naveed.

Naveed, 54, is in charge of three sites in Beirut, and two others in southern Lebanon and the Beka’a Valley where engineers are working to convert Hezbollah surface-to-surface missiles into precision-guided missiles, i24NEWS defense correspondent Matthias Inbar revealed Tuesday.

The IRGC Air Force engineer is also frequently in contact with a counterpart in Yemen, which has become the “testing ground” for Hezbollah and Iranian missiles fired by Huthi rebels at Saudi Arabia. Continue Reading »

Hamas official orders Palestinians worldwide to ‘slaughter the Jews’

Demanding that Israel lift the Gaza blockade by July 19, Fathi Hammad, calls upon all Palestinians wherever they may be to engage in Martyrdom, “Enough warming up. We must attack every Jew on planet Earth and slaughter and kill them. We will die while exploding and cutting the necks & legs of the Jews. We will lacerate them and tear them to pieces.”
Hammad forgets Egypt too has imposed a blockade on Gaza.

By Israel Hayom Staff


A Hamas official in Gaza has called on Palestinians across the globe to “slaughter Jews” if Israel doesn’t lift its blockade of the coastal enclave by Friday, July 19, and implement its understandings with the terrorist organization. Continue Reading »

Archaeologists in Israel announce location of biblical city of Ziklag

The Philistine town of Ziklag may have been found near the southern Israeli town of Kiryat Gat, where a team of Israeli & Australian archaeologists think they have located the biblical city where young David hid from King Saul prior to traveling to Hebron, where he was anointed King of Israel.

By JNS, Israel Hayom Staff


The Israeli Antiquities Authority, Hebrew University in Jerusalem and Macquarie University of Sydney, Australia, have announced the discovery of what they believe is the biblical city of Ziklag, the Philistine city in which according to the Bible the young David took refuge from King Saul. Continue Reading »

Israel Police detain 4 Palestinians for violations on Temple Mount

Totally ignoring a closure order issued by the Jerusalem Magistrates Court, four Palestinians were detained when transporting room dividers as they continued to carry out illegal construction under the Islamic Waqf’s direction, creating a new mosque at the Golden Gate, the fifth on the Temple Mount, Judaism’s holiest site.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


On Sunday night, four suspects were detained at the Temple Mount’s Golden Gate after police officers spotted four men transporting room dividers, intended for installation in the ancient structure recently transformed into the Temple Mount’s newest mosque.

This past March, Regavim, a non-government organization dedicated to the preservation of Israel’s resources and sovereignty through equal and universal law enforcement, petitioned the Supreme Court against the Waqf’s illegal activity at the Temple Mount’s oldest structure. Continue Reading »

Philistine Cemetery in Ashkelon Shines Light on Israel’s Arch-Enemy

New DNA tests on 3,000 year old skeletons of the Israelites’ arch nemesis, the Philistines, conclusively verify their origins as coastal Europeans, and not Semitic.

By David Lazarus


New DNA testing has shown that the Philistines, that arch-enemy and nemesis of Israel, came to the Land from Europe more than 3,000 years ago.

The giant Goliath was a Philistine. So was Delilah, who entrapped legendary warrior Samson. They proved to be among Israel’s most dangerous adversaries, yet for all their appearances in the biblical texts, the origins of this “seafaring” people, and why they came to this land, remained a mystery, until now. Continue Reading »

Palestinian leadership proves it doesn’t care about having a viable state

Known for consistently rejecting a sovereign state at every opportunity, WHY is the Palestinian leadership rigorously sabotaging a record $50 billion economic infusion plan facilitated by the international community that would guarantee the economic viability of their future state?

By Phillip Pasmanick


Palestinian kleptocrat Mahmoud Abbas continues to rebuff the Trump Team’s creation of a “master fund” to administer the $50B plan that will implement monumental national projects modeled after the Marshall Plan (that rebuilt Europe after World War II) knowing full well it will reduce Palestinian poverty by 50% and bring down their sky-high unemployment rate to single digits. Continue Reading »

WATCH: Israel brings its agricultural know-how to 140 developing countries

Israel’s Arava International Center for Agriculture Training (AICAT) teaches students from developing countries around the world about Israeli water conservation technologies and crop/greenhouse management. 

By i24News








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Israeli firm unveils ‘World’s first’ fully-electric plane at Paris Air Show

Operating at a fraction the cost of conventional airliners, the $4 million ‘Alice’ will redefine how people travel regionally, flying at 273 mph for up to 621 miles on one battery charge, a new era of flying begins now, that is quieter, cleaner, and far more cost-effective.

By Sara Rubenstein


Eviation Aircraft Ltd., an Israeli aviation company, displayed the Eviation Alice, an entirely electric commuter plane, at the Paris Air Show this week.

The Alice, which can seat nine passengers and two pilots, can fly at 273 miles per hour for up to 621 miles on one battery charge, at a cost of $200 per hour of flight. Continue Reading »

Israel strikes targets in Syria after rockets fired at Golan Heights

UPDATED REPORT: In the early morning hours Israel fired missiles on groups of forces & warehouses connected to Hezbollah & Iran in southern Damascus, as well as the south-western region of Quneitra.
– Three soldiers belonging to the Assad regime and 7 foreign nationals reported dead.



Air defense systems were activated against missiles fired from the Golan Heights towards southwest Damascus, a Syrian military source said on Sunday morning, according to Kan news.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated that the attacks focused on groups of forces and warehouses connected to Hezbollah and Iran in southern Damascus, according to Kan. Continue Reading »

Phinergy’s fully electric vehicle doesn’t need charging, just water & air

WATCH: Phinergy’s  Metal Air energy systems, based on technology originating at Bar Ilan University in Israel, significantly increases the driving range of current electric vehicles… and with zero emission.


Phinergy is an Israeli start-up company specializing in hybrid lithium-ion and aluminum-air/zinc-air battery systems for electric vehicles.

The company was founded in 2008 by Aviv Tzidon, who also acts as the CEO of the company, based on technology originating at Bar Ilan University.

Phinergy has patented a “nano-porous silver-based catalyst”, which allows oxygen into the electrode and the cell while at the same time blocking carbon dioxide.

The company claims that this invention enables its battery cathode to sustain more than 25,000 working hours, while significantly reducing weight. Continue Reading »

UPDATED: Palestinian terrorist shot dead running to stab another Jew

WATCH: Israel Police video catches the Palestinian terrorist running, jumping to stab a 16 yr-old on his bicycle, then neutralized running to stab his brother who had walked with him.



A harrowing video of Friday’s terrorist attack in the Old City of Jerusalem has been released by the Israel Police, showing the terrorist jumping a 16-year-old boy, and stabbing him in the back.

The incident takes place over mere seconds.

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