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Palestinian teens caught with backpack containing Molotov cocktails, fuel and knife


The 2 Arab 17 yr-olds from Jabel Mukaber, south-east of Jerusalem, were surveilled by Border Police conspicuously holding a bag unusually full & heavy, that after inspection, contained nine glass bottles, 2 of them already prepared as petrol-bombs, 2 large plastic bottles of gasoline and a knife.

By Ynet


A prosecutor’s statement was filed Monday against two 17-year-old residents of Jabel Mukaber in south-east Jerusalem, for carrying and manufacturing weapons. The two are expected to be indicted sometime during the week after having been caught with Molotov cocktails, fuel and a knife.

Israel Border Guard police (MAGAV) on patrol – Photo: Israel Police Spokesperson’s Division

The two were caught at the beginning of last week after they were surveilled by a police force and by Border Police operating in the area, who noticed that they were carrying a school bag that looked abnormally heavy and full. Continue Reading »

Decision: Israel’s on-duty police to wear body cameras


Pilot program found law enforcement personnel sporting cameras improved police behavior, lowered public complaints and bolstered public confidence in law enforcement.

By i24NEWS


Israeli Police forces announced on Sunday that on-duty officers will wear body cameras after a pilot project proved the devices improve police behavior and bolster public confidence in local law enforcement , Haaretz daily reported.

The pilot, which was carried out for a six month period between 2016 and 2017 on traffic police and on duty officers, revealed that body cameras improve officers’ interactions with the public and overall general performance, according to Haaretz.

Scene of Jerusalem terror attack: Police cameras document a more accurate timeline of events.

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Watch: Israel Police forced to taser deranged American tourist


Brandishing a long metal bar while repeatedly screaming “Fire!” the video footage attests to the police statement that the American tourist was “detached from reality.”
– The suspect’s wife, ‘He told me Jesus revealed himself to him.’

By Ahiya Raved


An American citizen was zapped with a taser gun and arrested at the end of last week after he attacked a guard at the entrance to the Almagor moshav in northern Israel.

The incident ended after a short standoff with the 31-year-old, during which police called on him, mainly in Hebrew, to drop the long metal bar he was brandishing while repeatedly screaming “Fire!” Continue Reading »

Techniques used by Israeli-American bomb threat suspect to evaded capture


Using disposable phones, Google Voice paid with Bitcoin and a VPN to make his IP address untraceable, the Israeli-American suspect in the bomb threats against Jewish institutions succeeded in hiding his identity until Israel Police cyber unit got involved.

By JTA and Arutz Sheva Staff


The Israeli-American suspected of perpetrating more than 100 bomb threats against Jewish institutions used technologies including Google Voice, a call forwarding service, and Bitcoin, a digital currency, to make the threats.

Israel Cyber Defense – Israel Police Spokesperson Dept.

According to an article in The Daily Beast, Israel’s anti-fraud squad arrested the 19-year-old suspect at his home in southern Israel and searched the premises on Thursday. Continue Reading »

Joint Security Force Bust Palestinian Weapon-Smuggling Network


Ending the months-long operation by the Israel Police, Shin Bet and the IDF, 9 men are arrested in Nablus, finally dismantling a vast smuggling network that used mail-ordered combat equipment to supply terrorist cells in Gaza & the West Bank.

By Yoav Zitun


An operation to bring down a weapon parts and combat accessories smuggling network was finished Tuesday night as the IDF, Shin Bet, Israel Police and customs stormed the last operating shop in Nablus, seizing illegally smuggled equipment and arresting the shop owner.

Seized M-16 magazines – Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

The smuggling network ran by ordering the equipment online from undisclosed countries to the Ashdod port by ship, and from there, sending it by mail or some other legitimate delivery system to a recipient in either Balata or Casbah refugee camps in Nablus. Continue Reading »

Western Wall security call police after discovering what’s inside cane of 60 yr-old tourist


Police are summoned after 60-year-old tourist arrived at the Western Wall entrance with an innocent-looking cane that security personnel found extremely perplexing.

By Ido Ben-Porat


Israeli police operating in the Western Wall plaza were called on Friday to the security post at the entrance to the Wall after a suspicious object was found in the possession of a 60-year-old tourist.

Cane sword – Photo: Israel Police Spokesman

Examining police officers found the tourist’s walking stick to contain a sword.

Police interrogated the tourist and heard from her that since she has trouble walking in the alleys of the Old City, she acquired in one of the shops a walking stick to get around with, which she used until arriving at the security post at the Western Wall’s entrance. Continue Reading »

WATCH: Israel Police ignite 10 tons of confiscated fireworks in one colorful explosion


Israel Police find more that just drugs during a raid on a suspected drug lab, leading them to explode 10 tons of illegal fireworks in a quarry in the center of the country.

By Roi Yanovsky


A raid on a drug lab in the center of the country yielded a storage container packed with roughly 10 tons of fireworks and other dangerous devices. Police decided to destroy the cache of illegal explosives and have now opened an investigation into the property owner.

Policeman tells of court order to destroy fireworks because of the danger from their improper storage in populated area. Continue Reading »

Police Officer murdered in Negev car-ramming attack, terrorist shot dead


Police officer killed, another wounded in vehicular terror attack in Negev Bedouin settlement, attacker neutralized by security forces.
– Arab MK hit in head by rock, presumably thrown by protesters.
– Watch video of confrontation with police.

By David Rosenberg


A police officer was killed and another injured early Wednesday morning, when an Arab terrorist attacked security forces securing the demolition of illegal structures in the Bedouin settlement of Umm Al-Hiran in southern Israel.

Police units were deployed to the Negev settlement before dawn on Wednesday to protect the demolition team from demonstrators who had gathered at the site of the planned eviction. Continue Reading »

Israel security forces nab 9 terrorists, confiscating weapons and terror funds in night-raids


In 3 overnight multi-agency operations across Judea and Samaria, the IDF, Border Police, Israel Police, and Shin Bet security agency, apprehended 9 wanted terrorists, while seizing firearms & cash used to promote terrorism.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


A joint overnight operation of the IDF, Border Police, and Judea and Samaria District police netted nine wanted terrorists and a large illegal weapon stash.

Four of the suspects arrested in the raids were wanted for past terror attacks targeting Israeli civilians and security forces.

Cache of weapon parts uncovered - IDF Spokesperson's Unit

Cache of weapon parts uncovered – IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

According to an IDF spokesperson, the suspects included three members of the Islamic Jihad terror group and two members of Hamas. Continue Reading »

Yom Kippur clashes with Israel Police in East Jerusalem gets Palestinian killed


20 yr-old Molotov cocktail throwing Ali Atef Shuyukhi was killed as he and other masked Palestinian rioters attacked, endangering Israeli forces in Silwan.

By Elior Levy, Roi Yanovsky


A Palestinian man was killed in clashes that broke out between Israeli Police and Border Police in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan on Tuesday night, during the Yom Kippur fast.

Palestinian throws firebomb at Jews – illustrative file photo

Ali Atef Shuyukhi, 20, was shot dead in the clashes, which lasted for a few hours. He was released from Israeli prison a few months ago after serving a year-and-a-half-long sentence.The

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Israeli authorities assist in 300 kg of cocaine bust in Sao Paulo


The Brazilian press reports a local man & Israeli, suspected of being part of a drug smuggling network, were arrested in São Paulo with the aid of Israeli authorities.

By Itamar Eichner & Tomer Ganor


Brazil’s GloboNews reported on Friday that the country’s federal police has arrested two men—one Brazilian and one Israeli—in São Paulo. The two reportedly had 300 kilograms of cocaine in their possession at the time of their arrest, and are suspected of belonging to a drug smuggling network.

The alleged drugs confiscated in Sao Paulo. – Ynet screenshot of GloboNews report

According to GloboNews, the arrest was performed in cooperation with the local Israeli consulate.

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Israeli-Arab party officials arrested on assorted fraud, money laundering violations


The criminal case, originally discovered during an annual, routine State Comptroller’s Report of all the parties, uncovered within the Israeli-Arab political party Balad, discrepancies for various political projects, including fund raising, falsifying corporate documents, forgery, use of forged documents, money laundering, and Violations of the Party Financing Law.

By Eli Senior, Hassan Shaalan


High ranking officials in the Israeli-Arab political party Balad is under suspicion for corruption, the Israel Police reported on Sunday.

“The National Unit of the Israel Police, in conjunction with various other police forces, have carried out searches and have detained more than 20 people throughout the country. Continue Reading »

Watch: US law enforcement officers in Israel for bike ride & ceremony


view videoThe US Police delegation of 52 sheriffs & officers were joined with 50 of their Israeli counterparts in a ceremony at Israel’s Police Academy, then enjoyed a 30 km bike ride.

By Yoni Kempinski,


Over a hundred policeman from the US and the Israel police rode bicycles together for 30km in the south yesterday.
The Police delegation of 52 sheriffs & officers is visiting Israel for a week and is being hosted by the Israel national police (INP).

US and Israel police at joint ceremony – Photo: Police spokesman

During the weeklong visit, the sheriffs and officers from the US visited the Israel police academy to see the police in training, with live exhibitions and self-defense training. Continue Reading »

Israel Security closes another Palestinian radio station for incitement to violence


Israel Defense Forces, Shin Bet and Israel Police detain five employees of ‘Alsanabel’ station for publicly inciting listeners to violence, after closing the radio station and seizing its technical equipment.

By i24news


Israeli security forces carried out an overnight operation to shut down a Palestinians radio station near the city of Hebron for broadcasting incitement against Israel, Israeli media reports said Wednesday.

IDF soldiers remove broadcasting equipment as they close the al-Sabanel radio station in Dura for incitement to violence on August 31, 2016. – Photo courtesy: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

Armed with an order from Central Command, the IDF, Israel Police, and members of the Shin Bet raided the offices of the “Alsanabel” station, based out of the small town of Dora, just southwest of Hebron. Continue Reading »

Israel tightens security in Jerusalem for Jewish day of mourning


In preparation for the thousands of Jews expected to visit the Western Wall on Tisha B’Av, hundreds of additional police will be carrying out security measures in and around Jerusalem.

By i24news, AFP


Israeli police are to boost their presence at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa mosque compound for a Jewish day of mourning commemorating the destruction of ancient temples there, a spokesman said on Friday.

Al-Aqsa, the third holiest site in Islam, is also venerated by Jews as the Temple Mount and is considered the most sacred place in Judaism. – Photo: THOMAS COEX/AFP/FILE

“Hundreds of extra police will be carrying out security measures in and around the old city of Jerusalem” on Tisha B’Av, which begins on Saturday night and ends 25 hours later, Micky Rosenfeld said in a statement. Continue Reading »